Kate Middleton And Prince William---- The Royal Wedding.

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~* This could also be called "Fan fiction." As many of you are all excited about the wedding, so am I! This is how I 'picture it will go.' I don't have any inside sources or media or press information that they seem to think they know. So enjoy~*

"Kate! Can you just stay stay still?" The tailor said. If any girl in the world was in my place right now, they'd do the same stunt. I was jittery from head-to-toe. Unable to breath practically. All my brides maids stood around anxiously also, or so I would think. They waited in the common room while I put on my gown. No one except Mother had seen it yet!

"Oh my gosh."

" What?!" I gasped.

"Dear, you look beautiful. As gorgeous as Princess Diana herself!"

I let out a sigh of relief. Everyone knew how much of a compliment it was for me to be compared to her. But everything still seemed to improbable, even at this moment. Me, just a party planners child, is getting married into the royal family of England. But I'm not getting married for that, not even close. If Will was a vagabond on the side of the road and we fell in love, then that would happen. I love him for himself. Not for his money. And yes, it's quite a bother having the press all around us. It does seem to ruin some of our time together. That is also why Will is scared about the marriage. That we will end up like his mum and dad. I will tough it out though, for love.

Then Me and the tailor gathered the ginormous train. My heart still rapidly beat at an abnormal pace. We trotted into the room next door and saw all of my bridal party.

Sounds of "Ohs" and "Ahhs" filled the air. Some of my close friends kissed me on either cheek.

"Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. 'Tis time to flee." My face lit up with excitement. We all collected the dress and headed towards the car, not the carriage. That shall be after the ceremony. My father awaited us.

"Kate, you look absolutely phenomenal!" He said whilst kissing me gracefully.

" Thanks dad."

Then of course he went on to say how he will certainly miss me. But that it's 'for the better' and his 'little girl is growing up.' Even though I'm marrying a prince, I'm still his baby.

After about 10 minutes of that I finally said, "Okay Daddy! I love you too!" Soon we pulled up to West Minister Abbey. Paparazzi surrounded the car in a matter of seconds. This was it, my time. Me and Wills's time, the time that I will become, a princess.

~* hope you enjoyed! If I get a number of reads then I will certainly compose a "Chapter 2." So please read and comment you want to know what happens next!~*

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