As I walked back downstairs, I had an eerie feeling racing through me. I didn't know why, I just did. Maybe it was that dream I had. . . Whatever. I'll worry about it later.

When I got to the bottom, I went over to where Jackie and Zander were and I sat down, picking up one of the takeout containers. Apparently while I ate, something was wrong because one minute I had the food in my hand, and then it wasn't. "Ok, what's the deal?" Jackie sort of snapped at me.

I looked at her square in the face and replied, "Nothing," and I stood up and snatched my food back from her while on my way back upstairs to my room. I knew I was harsh, but I don't need to deal with her right now.

So I just walked into my room and went onto my balcony. I stood and leaned against the rail with my elbows on it. I don't know what was happening to me, but I started hearing this voice going on in my head. It sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place it.

I was so concentrated on the voice that I didn't notice when someone came behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist. At first I actually thought it was Jackie, but I knew it wasn't.

I left the voice alone and quickly decided I would forget about it until later. I turned my head a little to the side, "What's up Z?"

"Nothing. Just worried about you," he replied easily.

We just stood there, his arms around my waist holding me. I didn't know what to do, let alone what to say. We must have been standing there for a long time because Jackie came up and said that she had to get home. Right at that second when she left, the voice came back. It was saying things like how it's all my fault and that if it wasn't for me then things wouldn't be like this. I had no idea what it was talking about, but it was giving me a huge headache. "Rikku?"

The sound of his voice startled me. "Yeah?"

He released his arms from me and turned me around to face him. It was sort of hard for me to see him since he was wearing all black, but my eyes adjusted. When he didn't say anything for a little I got worried. "Zander, are you ok?"

"Yea I'm fine. I should be heading home though." he said back. And with that I watched him walk away, get into his car and drive away. Why is it that everyone just walks away from me? I have no idea, but it's driving me crazy.

Instead of staying outside, I just went back inside my room and laid on my bed. I realized that I didn't have my car, so I texted Shane.

Me: Hey can you pick me up 2marrow?

Like 2 minutes later he replied. Shane: Sure. I can come over now if u want.

Me: It doesn't matter. You can if u want to, idc

Shane: I'll be there in 10.

I didn't reply to that. Since my head was still raging from my headache, I went down stairs and got some aspirin. With nothing else to do, I just sat on the counter and waited for Shane to get there. As he said, about 10 minutes later I heard a car door shut and footsteps. When he knocked, I yelled to just come in. When I walked back to the front room to go upstairs, I finally felt the pills kick in and didn't bother to say hi or anything. I just waved him upstairs with me and collapsed onto my bed.

I was so tired I didn't even want to say anything. He must have noticed that because all he did was kiss my forehead and pull the blankets on me. When he started walking away, I grabbed his wrist right before it was out of my reach, signaling for him that I want him to stay. After he kicked his shoes off, he climbed in next to me and pulled me into him and I fell into a dreamless sleep for the rest of the night.

*~* Shane's P.O.V. *~*

When I left her house, I didn't expect to be back there. I only left in the first place because Jackie and Zander were almost there and they would literally kill me if they knew I was there. I barely got to my car and left before they got there. I think I even saw them on my way out but since they don't know what kind of car I drive, they didn't take notice of me.

As I sped back to my place, I couldn't help but think of Rikku. Again. I know for a fact that if she gave me another chance that she would take me back. Everything won't be perfect, but we could make it work.

I sat around with nothing to do for hours, when my phone chimed. I opened the message and saw it was from Rikku. It said, hey, can u pick me up 2marrow?

I responded with, sure. Can come over now if you want.

In less than a minute she responded. Damn, she types fast. it doesn't matter. you can if you want to, idc.

I typed one last thing before I left, be there in 10.

I hopped into my car and sped over there, not caring whether a cop saw me speeding. As promised I was there in 10 minutes despite the distance between places. I approached the door and knocked and it took her a while to come answer the door. I hope she was ok.

When I saw her, I just noticed that she was really tired and it was like she was sleep walking. She didn't say anything, just waved me upstairs with her. As soon as she stepped through her door, she collapsed instantly. I wasn't going to get into anything tonight, so I just kissed her forehead and pulled a blanket over her. When I turned to leave, she grabbed my wrist right before it was out of her reach. It was a first for her since she has seen me to actually want me around, night or day. I just took my shoes off, and climbed in next to her and pulled her into me, watching her as she fell asleep.

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