29. Fight Night

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29. Fight night

I pulled on a big jumper of Audrey's she had given me to wear tonight and walked hand in hand with her to the location the Internet had told me about. I saw tons of people there crowding the small room. We stood in the back and as I looked around I saw the kid, chad, from the train walk out with the first group set to fight. He looked like the wing man per say. The guy to amp up the actual competitor. I gripped Audrey's hand tighter as Ferg stepped in the ring. My eyes grew wide and my palms sweaty as I watched Ferg duck between the ropes of the ring.

"Will you calm yourself?!" Audrey shot me a look. Audrey knew about Jamie but not exactly what he's all done. She thinks I think too much of it, but she doesn't know the half of it. And although its only Ferg and not Jamie I still get nervous by seeing either of them.

"Sorry. It's just so suffocating." I said back making up an excuse. She nodded as the announcer came on and spoke the rules. I couldn't bear to watch as the tension in the room rose. My heart was growing louder and I knew I need out. I letting go of Audrey telling her I need air and made my way to the corridor I hoped was the exit. As I walked down the hall I couldn't pay attention and looked at the various lit up rooms before running into a wall. Little did I know, that wall had a brain the size of a walnut and fists like steel.

"Rose." I heard a voice that stopped my heart completely. I felt my body be yanked off the floor as my legs became weak beneath me. "I've been waiting to see you." Jamie pressed his lips to my ear. His warm damp breath over my skin.

"Jamie stop." I spoke so quiet I could barely hear it. A fear that I had come all to accustomed too flooded my emotions.

"What are you doing here?" His voice boomed in the halls. Echoing in my soul.

"N-nothing." I croaked.

"Nothing aye?!" He mocked me.

"Please." I said through short sharp breaths. Whimpering slightly as his grip tightened.

"Please what?!" He shook me once. He was holding my body off the ground his hands grasping my arms tightly. I felt them throb as the blood tried to pump past his hold on me.

"Don't hurt me." I bit my lip automatically regretting it.

"Hurt you?!" He pulled my face closer. I shut my eyes tightly before he dropped me to the ground. "Open your eyes!" He shouted. I didn't listen although I knew what was coming next. "I said OPEN YOUR EYES!" I didn't open them as his foot smacked against my leg. I yelped in pain crawling to the next door. I didn't know if anyone was inside but I didn't care I needed to get away. I pulled myself to my knees as he came closer grabbing my head by my hair. He yanked my face to his crotch. "On your knees is where I like you best slut." I whimpered against the cloth of his shorts. He seemed angered, enraged rather. I've never seen him this bad. Not even when he'd hurt me was he this mad.

"What the hell?!" I heard Damon's voice shout as Jamie flung me by the pony tail against the concrete wall. My head felt a throbbing pain and as I lifted my finger to touch it, warm liquid was covering my fingers. Blood.

I felt big arms scoop me up. Damon held me to his chest as he brought me into his room. He shut the door and leant me against the wall.

"For fucks sake. Harry told you?!"

"Damon stop yelling." I winced.

"God you're losing so much blood." Damon ripped off his shirt and put it against the back of my head holding it against my skin. I stared at his naked chest. Sculpted like Harry's is. Harry's seems to be more- muscular, but nonetheless he was equally attractive shirtless.

"What is Jamie doing here?!"

"Him and harry are about to take the ring." He mumbled holding the fabric to my head examining the wound cautiously trying not to hurt me.

"What?!" I shouted loudly, It even shocked me.

"Damon where's-" my eyes fixed on Harry as the pain was leaving and the adrenaline kicked in. "Rose!" Harry's voice was low and scary as he marched over to me. He pushed Damon to the floor and inspected me. "I told you not to come." He said through his tightly clenched teeth.

"You say a lot of things." I spoke lowly. He gripped my face in his big hand looking me dead in the eyes. "But one thing you didn't say was that you were fighting Jamie. And if you weren't stupid and arrogant I wouldn't look like this! None of this would've happened." I put the blame on him.

"If it wasn't for your snooping arse you wouldn't have ended up like this! I told you not to come and you didn't listen!" He snarkly replied with such anger that chilled me to the bone. "What happened?" He snapped his face to Damon who just shot up from his position on the mat after harry pushed him down.

"Jamie-" I muttered as he looked back at me.

"Jamie did this to you!" He shouted more as a statement than anything. I nodded. His finger rubbed over my open wound and then his face became shades redder worrying me. "Damon where are my gloves?!" He got up from me. Damon threw him his gloves and harry pulled Damon to the side and talked to him. Damon nodded and then they walked off in separate directions. Damon came to me and scooped me up in his hands holding me tightly to his chest. We walked around the other side not giving me the chance to grab Audrey on the way out.

As we made our way out a cab was waiting for someone but an angry demanding Damon got inside and gave orders to go to the hospital. The driver obeyed noticing my state. I've only ever felt safe with Harry, but Damon was just the same..

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