Chapter 4 (Phils p.o.v.)

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I slowly went up the mini flight of stairs to go check on Dan. I left him his stuffed llama before because he seemed like he had a bad day. As I looked down on the beautiful sleeping boy I saw he was snuggling his stuffed llama. I immediately blushed and grinned to myself. I love when he takes things that I offer to him. It always seems to make him smile. I bent down and gently kissed his cheek. I quickly got back up hoping I didn't wake him up. He didn't move a muscle. Which I was relieved about. I started walking out when I glanced back at Dan one more time before I went downstairs. I went into the kitchen and started tidying things up. Dan wasn't messy. It's just he loves to leave things in places he is going to forget he put them. Like his car keys this morning. He accidentally left them behind the coffee maker. So while he wasn't looking I quickly made my move and put them on the kitchen table. I shook my head while smiling. He was a dork. But he was my dork I had to watch over. I may have fallen in love with him somewhere in between all that. Just watching his every move he does all day. It makes me happy. As I was in the middle of thinking about all this. I looked up to see Dan walking towards me . Of all times for him to come is the time I let my guard down. Which meant he could easily see me. I saw him look at me and saw the horror on his face. I was about to cry. I was no monster. Dan ran back to his room. I was in shock. I wanted to say something, anything but I couldn't. There I was standing there in shame. That I scared the love of my life away. I quickly grabbed a napkin and a pen. I wrote "sorry :(" on it. I started to cry and quickly faded into the darkness.

Longest chapter yet! Poor Phil hopefully he gets Dan to realize he isn't a bad angel. I hope you lovelies are enjoying my story so far. I really put a lot of motivation into this and it makes me happy to know that you are reading my story. <3 c:

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