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"Adelyn!" I heard my uncle shout for the other side of the door as he knocked.
I open my eyes, and look at the clock, "6:45 a.m." I whisper.
I groan, and got up, taking the bed sheets with me. I make my way to the door, half sleep, I open it.
"Adelyn! I been knocking on your door for forty five minutes!" He shouts.
"Ever heard of sleep?" I asked, as he only shakes his head.
"God, your hair looks like a hurricane and tornado passed by it... at the same time." My aunt says, as she walks over to us.
I roll my eyes, "What is so... important! That you had to wake me up at.... six in the morning!?"
"Your mother is coming in an hour to come and get you." My uncle speaks.
I sit down on the bed, "Why?"
"I don't know Adelyn, all she said has you had to be ready when she picks you up." My aunt says.
I sigh and fall down on the bed.

I look at myself in the mirror.
I wore red classic stretch-knit skinny pants with dark red faux leather oxfords shoes, self-tie plaid shirt.
My black hair into a high ponytail, and some natural looking makeup.
"Adelyn!" my uncle screams from downstairs.
I sigh, grab my suitcase and walk downstairs.
"Ohh, sweetie! I missed you!" My mom spoke, as she rushed over and higged me tight.
"I missed you too." I whisper, as I hugged her back.
After seconds turn to minutes, I said goodbye to my uncle and aunt.
I walked out of the farm house and into the car of my mom.
"Mom," I say, as she starts the car.
"Yes." She whispers, as we drive away.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
She sigh and turn to look at me, " Buffalo, New York."

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