GazettE Day Off #1

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Reita: *chillin on the couch playing his D.S.*

Aoi: *sitting on the floor with Uruha strumming his guitar and singing his momiji manju song*

Uruha: *ignores him*

Kai; *walks up to Aoi holding his drumsticks* Ooh that looks fun! Can I join?

Aoi: *starts being retarded on his acoustic guitar* Nope.

Kai: Awwww :(

Uruha: Geez Aoi! You're so mean. *giggles*

Ruki: *walks into room holding his guitar*

Reita: *looks up from game* What'cha got there Ru?

Ruki: *looks at him and smiles* my baby ^^

Reita: How uninteresting...

Ruki: *puffs out cheeks* Then don't ask! *stomps away childishly*

Uruha: Wow Reita is mean to! Whose next? *gasps* Me?!

Kai: *is lying face down on a bunch of chairs pouting* Aoi-saaaaaaaan why are you so meeeeeean to meeee?

Reita: Oh stop it Kai. We all know Aoi bullies me the most! And, I don't enjoy it unlike SOMEONE I know.

Everyone: *looks at Kai*

Kai: Umm, well what else would you expect from everyone's favorite masochist? *smiles*

Reita: You're weird Kai...

Kai: You say that now but even you know yourself that you like it mwahahahahahahahaha

Everyone: *laughs*

Aoi: *makes a weird confused face*


Author's note: Sup! I know this wasn't really all that funny but I've had little GazeCrack's scattered around forever and I really wanted to post them so here you go~ Please tell me what you think and tell me if you want more Thank You All Very Much ^^

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