Birthday Suprise

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When the hour was up we all got in line with our carts full of items. The cashier looked scared with all the stuff.

I smiled trying to get back in a good mood. "All five of us are together."

She laughed nervously. "Okay."

After everything was scanned the price totaled out to $2,324.67. I was not expecting to spend so much. I swiped the card anyway knowing we need all of this.

We soon had the truck full of bags and we had to rent another just to bring everything back to the house.

The ride back to the house took forever. All I could think about is that man.

How would he know? Why would he tell me that?

"Charlie?" Rose broke my train of thought.


"Are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah. I was just thinking."

"Well stop thinking. We are home."

Looking around I noticed we were home. The boys were getting out of the car already. I soon joined then.

We all began to unload the bags from the truck. Rose and I put away bags as the boys made the very many trips to the trucks and back.

This was a job that would take a minute.

After an hour and half hundreds of empty bags sat on the counter. Everything we purchased had been put away in the now full cabinets. I leaned against the counter feeling accomplished.

A few weeks ago I didn't think that I would be spending my birthday like this. I thought I would go get my nails and hair done. After that I would just go home and chill with Rosalie.

I guess I can still do the last part. I'm still surprised that she hasn't wished me happy birthday yet. She never forgets my birthday.

To be honest I wouldn't blame her if she did. Some much has been going on that it might have just slipped her mind. It almost slipped mine. The only reason I remember was because I saw the text form mom and dad saying happy birthday.

Sometimes I don't even know why I'm on this earth. Every now and again I wonder what it would be like to just end it. I sighed.

"Hey, Rose! You want to just chill for the rest of the day? Watch some movies or something?"

"Yeah but I was actually going to go back out tonight. Of course you're coming too!" she smiles brightly before turning away. "I'll meet you in your room with what you're wearing in 2 hours."

I sat and watched The Interview before I went to my room.

Opening my door I saw Rosalie. She was inspecting some items that lay across my bed. From the looks of it I think we are going to a party of some sort.

Rosalie has on a skin tight blue dress with some black stilettos. On the bed there laid a black lace dress. Rose had tons of her makeup and hair stuff sprawled across my room.

"Alrighty girl. You need to go shower and put on what I laid on the bed. Then I'll be back for your hair and makeup. I just need to check something real quick. I'll be back by the time you are done." She then turns and walks out the room.

I go grab the thin material before heading to the bathroom. I turn the shower on to a decent temperature before stripping and sliding into the water. I let the water pound on me giving my body a numb feeling.

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