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      STEPPING OUT OF THE SALON, ESTELLA waved goodbye to her favorite hair stylist, a bright smile on her face as the wind blew through her hair, taking in the fresh smell of spring. Estella spent half the day signing papers and making arrangements with her assistant for her upcoming fashion show that was approximately ten days away.

A few months had passed and things couldn't have gone any better. Estella and Harry became even closer if that was even possible, their relationship forever going strong. Zayn was getting better, definitely from his actions. There was no bother from anything, no more eating disorders, everything was going smoothly. Estella was on her way home, a very happy smile on her face when she drove down the streets, newly painted nails tapping against the steering wheel to the beat of the song on the radio.

She wished every woman could be as happy as she was. Literally nothing could ruin her happiness today, it was just too high. When she unlocked her door, she stepped inside, bags held in her hands, tossing her keys aside, eyes wandering to find her man.

"ribbit ribbit?" she asked, giggling to herself when harry responded by croaking, her heels clicking along the marble tile as she approached the sound, smiling when she noticed harry in the living room, on the couch and watching criminal minds.

"Hi baby!" She chirped, shaking bags in her hand to get his attention. "I got you some things."

Harry looked up from the television, breath almost taken away when he took in her appearance, her scent filling his nose and he couldn't help but feel so shocked, wondering why everything this woman did she was just making herself more and more exquisite. Estella' hair had been cut to her shoulders, a slight pout going on his face because he loved her long hair, for many reasons of course. She dyed it pitch black, the style a bob cut and flowing flawlessly around her shaped face. her nails were done, gold glitter on some, the rest having diamonds and different types of designs. she was a very radiant woman.

"Harry, baby?"

"Gosh baby, c'mere." He groaned, standing up to greet her properly, Estella looking dazed from the expression he had, almost as if he was hypnotized. She always liked the way he looked her. "Wow, fuck. You look- jesus. Beautiful baby."

Estella knocked her head back, his arms wrapped around her thick waist. "Babe, it's just hair and nails. Ain't nothing new."

"I know but, damn." Estella could taste the peppermint on his tongue when he ducked his head down to attach their lips, automatically sliding his tongue in. He picked her up so she could wrap her legs around his torso while his hands roamed her body, giving her comfort.

he pulled away. "why are you so fucking beautiful?"

"Don't know." She uttered, the palm of his hands set on her ass that he didn't hesitate to grip at. he bit his lip as he moved his face closer to hers, a grin plastered there. "Put me down before I drop your shit."

"You wouldn't."

"Say I won't." She raised her eyebrows.

"You won't." He says and Estella drops his bags on the floor, just like she said she was. Harry groaned, not surprised one bit.

"I hate you." He rolls his eyes, setting her down and picking up the bags.

"Nah, you love me."

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