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[contains sexual content]

          IT HAD BEEN ANOTHER LAZY DAY at the house, nothing but dealing with a dog and very important business work. Their morning had included watching the news and eating a healthy, not so healthy breakfast in the bed, Chowder in between them at the end of the mattress. Harry had on his reading glasses, eyes focused on his laptop as his eyes darted from every inch of the screen, trying to get this document sent out to his assistant before he went out for his morning gym routine.

Estella was seriously questioning herself over and over if she was even capable of going to the gym with him. She was never really into exercising, was never really a motive for her. Even though she wanted to maintain that gorgeous body Harry loved oh so much, she was too lazy for that shit. Estella wasn't the type of girl who wanted to stay fit just for a man. If she wanted to be fit, then she would, but she would only be doing it for herself, not her man. If her man couldn't accept her for who she was, then he could easily kick his ass out of her life.

"What do you think about me starting a foundation for children who aren't able to receive an education or for families who can't really provide for their kids?" He had asked, eyes only leaving the screen for a second to take a peak of her face, liking her morning, no make-up, messy hair appearance.

"Where'd this idea come from?" She questions, massaging the dogs back as he took a peaceful nap, the fan they had on in the room blowing on his face which he seemed to like.

"Just a thought."

"That's honestly so sweet of you, go for it."

"Yeah, right? I'll keep it in mind. But anyways, how's it going with the collection?"

The mention of it sent Estella flying off the bed to retrieve her laptop, just to show him the pictures of the new designs her and her team had come up with. "Remember how I told you I wanted it to be called SB 17?"

He nods. "Well I've decided that once I organize everything with the collection, I wanted to immediately let the world know that I was taking over; that this was a new beginning. Sooo, my dad had like, talked to the superintendent of the billboard company for New York and they promised me an advertisement for my fashion show that'll be coming up!"

"Oh wow, baby! That's amazing."

"I know right! It's gonna be so exciting, I can't believe this is actually happening. I mean I've done runway shows before for my father's clothing but to be having my own show with my own clothing- it's extraordinary."

"I've always had faith in you, Star."

She sighed deeply, leaning back on the headboard, gazing up at Harry and he had the proudest expression on his face, making her heart grow bigger than ever. "Thank you." The tone she spoke was smooth and quiet, almost adorable, Harry grinning and leaning down to kiss her forehead.

"Noo." She whined. "Wrong place."

He pushed the hair away from her face, tucking strands behind her ear, caressing her cheek with his thumb as he pushed his body flush to hers, breathing in her scent. His cheeks a bit pink, his hair was currently in a bun, keeping it up for now because he was about to hop in the shower. Since he was getting a bit older which really shocked Estella at how much he's changed since they first met, a lot was different. She remembered him having a lot of acne, which at first bugged Harry to death, but he's grown to embrace it, never feeling the need to be down on himself because she's helped him gain a lot of confidence. It's not like it would be a problem anymore anyways because it was beginning to disappear.

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