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T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, AND a couple very well know was snuggled up together, in sheets of satin, skin pressed up against one another's as they blissfully enjoyed each other's presence. It was cold, but the warmth from the heaters kept them cozy. Today wasn't a planned day, well, for Estella it wasn't. Her morning had contained a very disruptive sickness that included vomiting excessively, sneezing, and coughing. Harry had been taking care of her all day, a little upset that his love bug was experiencing this on an exciting day because he had many things planned, but her health will be put first.

"Star, you gotta let go so I could make your soup sweetheart." He had said, chuckling when she groaned and held his body closer to hers, her cheek pressing onto the middle of his warm, bare back, childishly keeping her legs tangled with his so he couldn't move a muscle.

"don't go." she cried, clutching to his body, having a choke hold on his neck and his eyes bulged out of their sockets when she had started coughing in his face accidentally, harry screaming and pushing her away from him.

"ew, ew, ew. babe get the fuck away!" he quickly shoved her off and hopped off the bed, his face showing utter disgust as he cringed, watching her cough more, a heavy sneeze following suit. "I love you, but you gotta stay away from me cause you're not getting me sick."

"I'm sorry." She sniffles, her doe eyes widening at him to show her sympathy and he slouched, wanting to kiss all over her now to make the sickness go away.

"I'm gonna make you some soup, get some crackers and fetch the medicine I was talking about." He nods, first making his way to the side of her bed and turning on the humidifier so she could breathe in the medicine. Estella smiled at him, bringing the cover up on her body more, pushing her face into the pillow more to get her comfort back. Harry liked to spoil her, because one, she was definitely spoiled. Two, it was impossible not to because she literally deserved the world, from what Harry thinks. He treated Estella like a princess, she treated him like a king. They both equally share that loving, caring feeling about their spouses.

She probably slept during the time he was preparing the things she needed because when she opened her eyes, her food had been sitting on the table besides her, clarifying that Harry didn't want to wake her up because she needed rest. Estella sighed, sitting up slowly and looking around the room, gazing outside the window to see the beautiful view of New York city, snowing falling beautifully, decorating almost the entire city from what she could see. The nap she took made her feel at least a little better, and she knew that Harry wanted to take her out, and she kind of felt bad now because he had plans for the both of them, but she was too sick to even walk.

"He's too sweet." She talked to herself, reaching over to grab the Tylenol for her headaches and the nasal strips for her nose because it had been stuffy all morning. She also grabbed the vapor rub and rubbed that in the middle of her chest and on her neck, the strong smell hitting her nose, making her eyes water. Estella had gotten out of bed, throwing a robe around her body and slipping on her bunny slippers, grabbing the tray from the night stand containing the soup, tea and crackers, and making her way downstairs to preheat her food, also to check on Harry.

"Sugar baby." She mumbled, her small feet padding down each step, eyes spotting her boyfriend on the couch but he was sleeping, and that made her pout. Her being sick had worn him out. Estella marched towards the kitchen, setting the tray down on the island and making her way back to Harry, stopping in her spot to just admire the way he was resting.

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