LIGHT BREEZE, BLUE SKIES AND SLOW music; that's what made today so perfect for the two of them. It was the day where Estella finally had the opportunity to introduce her boyfriend, aka Horton Styles, to her loving family members. She prayed for the best today, for them to be on their best behavior, but lord knows that won't happen.

"You think they'll like me?" Was Harry' first nervous question and Estella rolled her eyes as she let the air blow through her hair, gazing at the sun which was a bad idea because it hurt her eyes and she forgot to bring her glasses.

"Now look who's bitchin." Estella snickers, pointing out the fact that he teased her about meeting his parents and now he was nervous about meeting hers.

Harry flips her off. "Just wanna make sure, because if they don't like me because of, you know, I'm a whitey, than I want you to know that they won't separate us."

She shakes her head and laughs. "Boy, you'll be fine. Plus it's not like you're the first white boy I've been with so they should be used to it by now."

"You ever date someone else besides whities like me?"

"Well yeah, of course. There was keith who was black and we dated in like the eighth grade. I got my ass beat though because I wasn't supposed to be dating that young." She giggled and harry smiles at her, turning his face back to focus on the road, admiring the many suburban family homes. "And then there was Nick, who was korean and he was my boyfriend around the age of sixteen so yeah. Oh, then it was Zayn. Really I only had three boyfriends, one husband. I wasn't like the other bitches that had like three every month and shit, which was a bit unacceptable."

"And then there's me," Harry smiles. "I'm your fourth."

"You're my fourth. Probably the best one ever as well."

"Romantic wise or dick wise?"

Estella bites the inside of her cheek and grabs his hand, keeping their fingers interlocked while they kept their elbows on the center console. "Both wise."

Harry shrugs and a cocky grin comes across his face while he deadass started steering the wheel with his knees and running his hand through his curly hair, Estella wanting to cut it so badly because he was starting to look like rapunzel.

"You know I'm gonna be right about my dad showing you his martial arts collection, right?"

"If I die today," Harry turns to her with a serious look. "Tell Leonardo DiCaprio that he is a king."

"I think I've already told him that."

"You've met him?!"

"Yeah!" She mocks his excited smile. "He buys a bunch of clothes from my dad's clothing lines like all the time. hugeee fan."

"I hate you and your perfect self." Harry grunted and Estella laughs and kisses his cheek, pulling away and jumping in her seat when she spotted her family home.

Harry takes a look at the huge, elegant white house and simply admires every detail of what a family home should be like. A gate was somewhat blocking the view of the beautiful green garden around the entryway, a nice white fountain in the direct middle of the drive through. For some reason, the gate magically opened, and Estella knew that her family was aware of their arrival.

When Harry drove in, Estella was so excited to see her family she started screeching internally and her boyfriend looks at her and smiles brightly while shaking his head. Harry had parked his Benz in front of the door to their lovely family home. Estella had hopped out of the car and fixed her outfit, twisting her ponytail in her hand, which was now flashing the wonderful color of silver, while moving it to the other side of her shoulder.

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