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LIGHT BREEZE, BABY BLUE SKIES, and the soothing voices of Jodeci playing had been the epitome of their Friday morning. Air blowing through Estella's hair as she gazed outside the car window while her head rested against the seat, fingers interlocked with Harry while they kept their elbows on the center console. Currently, Harry had been going at 70 miles per hour down the road once he exited off I-95 and entered Philadelphia. They had been on their way to Estella's family home in Chestnut Hill for a family reunion, coming to an agreement that it was time for her to properly introduce him to her family since they had been pestering her constantly about the two of them.

Approaching the enormous elegantly painted white home, Harry couldn't help but feel optimistic about the entire ordeal. Their family home had looked just as he suspected; warm and welcoming. A large gray steel gate somewhat blocking the view of the beautiful green garden surrounding the entryway, freshly trimmed bushes with fuchsia colored flowers. A beautiful white fountain in the direct middle of the driveway. Windows trimmed with a charcoal black and white brick newly renovated. Gray smooth cement grounds and from what they could see, other cars had already been parked around the home only giving them the answer that half the family had been here already and most likely in the backyard.

Harry rolled down his window to press his finger on the door buzzer to inform the family that they had another guest arriving, Estella hearing the gates click open and watching them flutter open and pull aside, Harry raising his brows and driving his Maserati forward, parking it behind another vehicle and turning his car off, Estella gathering her purse and her cellphone before stepping out and waiting for Harry to come beside her to interlock their fingers again. When Harry took her hand back in his, Estella had been so excited that she screamed internally and bounced on her heels with a wide smile showcased on her face.

"Excited?" He asked.

"Very." She beamed in happiness, fixing her outfit and twisting her high ponytail in her hand which was now flashing a spicy red color, dyeing her hair a few days back because she wanted something new.

Harry always liked how Estella switched up her style every now and then. He loved to see what new color she desired to have done to her hair or nails. Her sense of style was one of the many attractions he had toward her. He stood in front of her and bends down to her level to kiss her, Estella closing her eyes and smiling into the kiss, his soft lips gliding with hers slow and intimately. Estella was aware that cameras had been built into not only the outside of the house but the gates as well and she hoped that her parents weren't catching a glimpse at the footage to see the embracement between the couple.

Their kisses were so intimate that people in public were usually disgusted by how aggressive or passionate, depending on their mood, it all had been. Personal time or publicly, they didn't care. They'd kiss like this if the world around them were collapsing.

"Gobble gobble," Harry playfully mumbled, Estella, coughing out a laugh and pulling away from him. "No, wait! Kiss me more."

"Harry, we can't keep my family waiting." She kisses his cheek, Harry sighing and pulling her closer to his chest for a tight bear hug which, and immediately, she backed away from, hiding behind him and pushing him toward the front door with all the strength she had since Harry was resisting picking up his feet to walk.

Estella huffed once she got him to the door, ringing her doorbell and instantly the door had swung open, Harry jumping in surprise once he heard loud screaming and two figures running toward Estella hurriedly with hugs and kisses. Not aware that the two girls holding her had looked similar to his girlfriend, which only gave him the clue that they had been her sisters.

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