[A/N: this chapter has a trigger warning. mention of a mental illness, depression and also mentions of rape. there's an important note at the end that everyone needs to read pls!]


ZAYN DIDN'T WANT THEM TO CONTACT the police, and that's when Estella had realized that Zayn was in so much danger, that he did not even want the world to know how weak and vulnerable he was at this point. She still thought that it was all her fault. It was her fault.

That she hadn't called him to check and see if he was doing fine after they had talked that night, all three of them. She didn't ask if he was okay after Harry snapped at him, she didn't ask if he wanted her to come over and just talk if he needed it, she didn't ask if he wanted to go out for lunch or dinner with her and harry- she just didn't ask. And now he's lost, on the verge of dying in the middle of nowhere and she couldn't bare to think of him in this position. She didn't know how to feel at this point. she was sick to her stomach.

Harry seemed guilty himself, speeding down the road in over eighty miles per hour, making his way down to North Philadelphia, recalling Zayn mentioning that Niko' warehouse was located there and he had a feeling that Zayn couldn't be far from there. but the hardest thing about this was that he didn't know exactly what warehouse it was and he had no clue where Zayn could have been, and it made his heart ache, thinking of the worst possible scenarios.

He wanted to punch the steering wheel, but tried to maintain his anger for Estella, but she seemed more hurt than him. The whole ride she's been shaking her leg and playing with her fingernails, all the while breathing unsteadily and rapidly flickering her eyes here to there. Was always a hint that she was nervous.

"B-baby," He breathed, her never turning to look at him, eyes watering. "Star, hand me your phone."

Body still not in the right state of mind, she continued her motion, rudely ignoring Harry' demand. He grunts in agitation, aggressively yanking the phone out of her hand, Estella sighing deeply as Harry dialed the unknown number that Zayn called from.


"No, it's Harry. I need you to tell me what you see, tell me if you can find a street name. Just-" He took a deep breath. "Tell me something that can guide me through this."

She had this uncontainable desire to cry but she wouldn't let the tears be known to Harry' eyes because then he would try to comfort her and even though that was sweet, that's not what she needed right now. She just needed to find him.

"Uhh, there's this alleyway with tons of graffiti and I think I see a street sign," Zayn mutters, the sound of pained shuffling being heard on the other end. "I-it's uh, way too dark for me to see."

"Flash your light at it."

"Well I would but, phones on two percent."

Harry sighs deeply, shaking his head and hitting the petal with his foot to speed up the car. "Zayn, there's like, literally so many fucking alleyways in Philly. At least tell me where the warehouse is located so I can track from there and find you. I mean seriously, you've gotta at least recognize something."

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