Part 5

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A faint voice called me from wherever I was. Somewhere far away. It whispered my name and told me to wake up. Wake up? No, no, no! If I wake up, I'll have to see the band, I'll have to apologise to everyone. I don't want to wake up. No, I want to sleep forever.


It got louder now, maybe more impatient with me. I groaned. I don't want to wake up. Leave me alone. Another voice joined,

"What are you doing MiA?"

"Waking Meto up! He needs to be checked by a doctor or something to make sure he's okay!"

"It's Meto. He's fine."

Two large firm hands gripped my shoulders before violently shaking me back and forth, my head swaying in all directions.


My eyes flew open, "Ko-chan?"

He stopped being annoying for a second to look at me, and his face showed pity and care. "Yes, Meto?"


Koichi turned to MiA and laughed, "Yep, he's fine."

MiA giggled quite loudly, making me blush and give an awkward smile. I was led on a row of plastic chairs covered in several blankets and cushions in an attempt to make them comfy, and on top of me were more blankets, and my Ruana-chan, sat neatly with a bow still in her hair.

Koichi and MiA were still stood over me, checking my temperature. Koichi spoke, "Okay so the live isn't actually over, we just had to tell the fans you aren't too well so we have paused the show for 2 hours, but Tsuzuku is out there talking to them! ...which we all know isn't the most promising thought. But anyway, as long as we're ready to perform again in about 30 minutes then its fine!"

With that, the pink haired male hurried off to have his makeup redone and to touch up his nails. I was left with MiA. He was wearing beautiful blue contact lenses which only made me more curious about his natural eyes. He smiled at me and pulled a chair to sit next to me, looking deep into my eyes so that I couldn't look away.

"Meto-kun." My heart started to quicken again and he had barely said a word. "I'm sorry. I should've known, or noticed or done something to at least make you happier recently. I've just ignored the fact that you seemed different and assumed Koichi was helping you. I'm such a bad person." No you're not. "You deserve much more than me, I don't understand." If only you could see. "I was stupid by letting Tsu do all of those things to me during the live earlier, and I'm so so so sorry, if only you knew. I'm just so-"

"MiA I love you."

'What am I doing. How is that going to make things better? He hasn't spoken about it yet... he was probably avoiding the topic and now I'm making things awkward and bringing it up again. Why am I talking more than usual? I'm so stupid, I'm such an idiot, I'm pathetic, if only I were a doll.' Ruana-chan was grasped between my fingers now, my only comfort. I needed Koichi!

"Meto-kun," No, don't say it, please, I don't want to hear it, I don't want to have to hear those words from your mouth, I don't want you to reject me.Don't break me anymore.. my confidence is broken, and this won't make me any better. "Meto-kun, I love you too."

What? Shock was the first thing that hit me, followed by the overwhelming feelings of happiness, relief and disbelief.

"W-w-?" I couldn't form any words at all.

"I love you Meto."

I gazed into his eyes, and they only stared straight back, looking deep into mine, as if he could see into my soul. I was so happy. So confused, but so happy. If I were dreaming, I didn't want to ever wake up. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a bony hand slowly clasp mine. My breath quickened, oh my god everything is so perfect. He repeated the phrase again, as if he wanted to engrave in my mind forever,

"Meto-kun, I love you. I love you. I love you! I've loved you for a while now and I was just too afraid to confess... I thought you would find it disgusting, I thought you wouldn't like it if you found out. I don't know what it is but since I met you, I've always been attracted to you and I just tried to ignore it, but honestly, I can't wait any longer - I don't care if Koichi was joking - even if you don't love me, I just want you to know that: I love you, Meto."

WHAT?! Words were pouring out of his mouth now, he was so nervous and so afraid.I squeezed his hand in mine, the tiniest gesture I could make, but he knew it meant so much more. To my embarrassment, tears started to fall down my face - tears of happiness of course - but I couldn't stop them. I must've looked so ugly, sat in front of the man I love, crying my eyes out - and I'm such an ugly crier too!

"Meto-kun...?" He reached his arms around me and pulled me close to him, protecting me, comforting me. He was warm, which relaxed me, and he made me feel so safe and happy. I buried my face into his chest, whispering in the quietest way possible,

"MiA-kun, I.. I love you!"

His heartbeat was racing, just like mine and he lifted his hand to stoke my cheek gently, catching multiple tears on his thumb. He slowly gripped my chin, lifting my face to face his. He had teary eyes again too, which sparkled under the dull artificial light in the room. His thin, red lips looked so cute and kissable. Very slowly, I noticed him lower his head, his eyelids dropping halfway, yet his eyes locked on mine still. I was caught in a daze, slowly lifting my head to meet his. I was shaking so much, and felt close to passing out again, but his reassuring grip kept me safe. I could trust this man. I could feel his breath brushing past my lips now, everything seemed to be happening so slowly, but so perfectly. My eyes were half shut... and so were his... and he looked so sexy again with a small smile appearing onto his lips. I had never kissed anyone before, and I was unsure of what to do as our faces got closer and closer. MiA's lips were parted slightly, and I copied him, biting my lip out of nervousness.

"Meto..." he whispered, a short rush of air tickling my lips.

Slowly, our lips pressed together and I closed my eyes, the feeling of being loved and being wanted washed over me. He kissed with so much passion, his lips moved so perfectly, I wanted more and more. Toned arms were wrapped around me, pulling me even closer, loving me even more, I felt so precious - for the first time, someone wanted me, needed me. I loved this man and there was no doubt about it. He was perfect. I couldn't stop kissing him, and when we finally pulled away for air, I still planted kisses on his cheeks, on his nose, on his lips again. I was addicted to MiA. I would've happily stayed like that forever.

"Oi love birds?" Tsuzuku? "The live? Half an hour!"

MiA stared at him for a few seconds, comprehending what was just said, before exclaiming,

"Oh my god! The live!"

The guitarist jumped up, patting me on the head, before stumbling away towards the dressing room again, his face painted with an obvious smile.

I turned to face Tsuzuku, who was grinning uncontrollably at me.

"Stupid." I murmured as I glared at him, which only made his smile wider.


SO! Its kawaii. *laughs* I love this couple~ why cant they actually get together in real life?!

Anyway, EmS is thinking:

Smut scene? *devious smile*

If I do write a smut scene it wont be too long because I have a certain oneshot in mind that im going to write soon...

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