Chapter 1.

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Before you read this is important. I'm starting off as the day Luke proposed to Michelle and the accident. Okay thank you. Enjoy!

Luke's POV

"Are you ready? Do you have everything?" Ashton asked me. I nodded and put a black little box in my pocket. Today is Michelle's 19th birthday. I have a surprise for her.

"Good luck." Michael told me. I thanked him. I'm actually nervous that Michelle might say no. Yes I'm proposing to her. I know we are young. But I love her a lot.

"Okay let's go." Calum said. Rosemary and Calum have been dating for two years. Same as Ashton and Nathaly. Michael broke up with Rebecca since she moved to the United States with her family and he didn't want a long distance relationship. Derek is in the United States with Caroline, she is visiting her parents and he went with her. And well me I'm getting ready to propose to Michelle. Everyone knows except for her obviously.

Her mom is visiting Michelle for only 3 years so next year Michelle's mom leaves. Jesus, Michelle's brother, is also staying for 3 years so he leaves with his mom next year as well.


We got to her place and I knocked on her door. Michelle opened it and she looked beautiful. She was wearing a short pink dress with black heels. I was taking her out while everyone is waiting in her house. Her mom and Jesus also know I'm proposing.

"Wow you look gorgeous." I said.

"Thanks. You look handsome." she said. I smiled and held out a hand and she gladly took it. I told the boys to wait in her house. I was taking Michelle out to walk by the beach. It's beautiful today. Just like her. I know very cheesy. We got to the beach and we walked. Michelle took off her heels and I put my arm around her.

"Happy Birthday baby." I said.

"Thanks. I'm finally 19." She said. I chuckled and she giggled.

"Well I got a surprise for you." I said.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Why do you think I said surprise?" I chuckled. We walked more until I stopped. I turned Michelle around so she is now facing me.

"Michelle. We have been dating for 2 years now. I love you. A lot. Since the first day I met you I couldn't stop thinking about you. I know we started off with the wrong foot but I really love you. I love the way you laugh, smile, and I love your beautiful eyes. I just love everything about you. I don't know what I would do without you. I would probably be lost. I wouldn't be complete without you. So would you do the honor of marrying me?" I said. I got down on one knee and took out the black box opening it up and showing the ring. Michelle was now crying. She smiled and nodded.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I do." she said. I smiled and put the ring on her. I got up and kissed her. I love her so much. Michelle Ramirez is now my fiancé and soon to be Michelle Hemmings. We stayed on the beach a little longer and then went back home. As soon as we got in everyone jumped on us.

"Careful I have a dress." Michelle said.

"What did you say?" Michelle's mom said.

"I said yes!" Michelle yelled. Michelle showed them the ring and they hugged us saying congrats. We were all talking until everyone left. Except for Michelle's mom and her brother. Michelle and I were thinking of renting our own apartment now that we are getting married in like 6 months.

I'm happy. So happy. The girl I bullied is now my fiancé. I never thought I would get this far with Michelle. Michelle is the one. Michelle is the love of my life. Michelle is that one missing part in my life. Michelle completes me. I lover her. I can't wait to get married.

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