Chapter 1

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Hey Guyx......


As I got to school all groups are there filling the parking lot, like popular group, Jock group, Loners, Geeks, Gothic and Weird

While I am just passing head down and pulling the jacket closer to me, Of Course!!!!! No one can go on a day without teasing me and throwing things at me






And more than you can imagine, Going on my first period, I was greeted by Mrs. Pineda,Yes all teachers like me cuz' all of my high grades.

The rest of the day past by easily as soon as the bell rand I sprinted to the house as fast as I can not wanting to get caught up by the pack members and get beaten again.

But luck was never on my side

"LILITH!!!! Where the hell are you?? Make us some fucking food" Shouted by my non other than my dearest brother John which was the next Beta

"Yes, John" Rushing to the kitchen and cooking some snacks for those bitches right in the living room

"Here's your food John" I said

"Right about time you bitch, We should give you a punishiment, ain't that right guys?"

There were lots of "Yeah" coming from them, Oh,oh

Suddenly someone just jumped on me

I was kicked, punched, smacked on the wall, been thrown in the wall, and lastly coming from my brother a direct punched in the face causing all my body bruised and bleeding in the face, while all the others left for the game room, I went walking going up to my room

"Lilith" My wolf,Wendy, Talk to me gently "Yes"' I said really tired "We are sick and tired of being abused by these assholes why can't we just ran away?'' She Asked "Wendy, We can't we have to meet our mate so that he can take us out of here and live peacefully" I replied "I guess so" she said tiredly

After reaching the attic in other words my room, Yes mine,

As soon as I fell down in the bed tired and worn out I let the darkenss take over me

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