Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 2, Eternity isnt enough.

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Yuki sat paralised in her seat, staring into Kanames eyes with shock. She had just heard the words she had dreamed to hear all her life, so why did she feel this way? "Yuki?" Kaname stared intently at Yuki. Although his face was as allways, Yuki could see that in his eyes, he was impatiently waiting a response. Yuki shook her head to get out of the daydream. "Is that a no?" Kanames face turned to a worried expression. "NO! Im sorry Kaname, i am just in shock. I have allways longed for this day and now that its come, im frozen." Kaname's expression went back to normal. "Is that a yes?" Yuki looked up to him and smiled. "Of corse, Lord Kaname, anything for you!" Then, for the first time ever, Yuki saw Kaname smile at her. "Im glad to hear it, Yuki, and you dont have to call me Lord Kaname, Kaname is enough." Yuki smiled once more. "Im sorry, Kaname." The waitor came holding a tray with their dinner on it. "Lord kaname, Lady Yuki, your dinner has arrived." Kaname thanked the waitor and took the tray from his arms. The plate of bloody stake lay infront of yuki, but she didnt touch it. She was to shocked to do anything at that point. "Yuki, whats wrong? You havent touched your food and you look troubled, whats on your mind?" Yuki snapped out of the daydream state that she'd been in. "Im so sorry Kaname, im just to shocked and exited to do anything at this moment. The reality of us getting married still feels like a fairytale!" Yuki's eyes trailed back down to the food on her plate. She suddenly felt something grab her hand, it was Kaname. She glared back into his eyes. "Would you like to go back to the mansion to get some rest? You look like you have suffered quite a shock." Kanames soft words comforted Yuki. She nodded slowly. Kaname rose from the table, still holding Yuki's hand as he led her out of the restaraunt into the allready waiting limosuine.

When they arrived at the mansion, Yuki and Kaname went inside to announce the news to the unsuspecting Ruka and Hanabusa. The two of them were sitting at the bottem of the staircase, staring at the floor, but as soon as the heard the door open, they rose to greet the two of them. Yuki and Kaname smiled arm in arm at the two surprised vampires. "I have some news for you both, Yuki and I are going to get married." Hanabusa and Ruka let out a gasp. "Does the news displease you both? Ruka and Hanabusa bowed. "Ofcourse not Lord Kaname, if anything we are more than pleased to hear the news." You could hear the dispair in Hanabusa's voice. "Thank you, Hanabusa. Im not sure when the wedding is, but we shall keep you informed." Hanabusa and Ruka stepped out of the way of the two of them. Kaname led Yuki up stairs to her room. "Are you sure your ok, Yuki?" Yuki smiled. "Ofcorse i aml Kaname, dont worry about me, ill be fine. Im just overwhelmed with happyness. Im very sorry that i cut our time together short." Kaname leant down and kissed Yuki on the cheek. "It's fine. Now you should get some rest, Yuki. I will see you in the morning." Kaname turned and walked away, leaving the stunned Yuki with her hand up to her cheek. She stood in a trance for a few seconds, then turned and opened her door.

Yuki changed into her pijamas and lay under the covers of her bed. She eventually got to sleep, but didnt stay asleep for very long. That night, Yuki had a nightmare. She was standing opposite Kaname in a beautiful white wedding gown. It was the day of her wedding. Yuki looked up as she heard Kaname say those two words, "I do." She was frozen still. She gazed over into the crowd of people that had turned up to the event. A peculiar man stood at the back. She couldnt quite make out who he was until he stepped into the light. It was the vampire that she had seen on that fateful night when she was young. Yuki took a step back in horror, remembering the night when the white snow was bleeched red in blood. The vampire put a hand up to touch Yuki's face but she slapped it away. The vampire grinned evily at her. "Where is that boy to save you now?" Yuki's eyes widened as she despratly looked around her. She was suddenly alone, with only her and the vampire, nothing to stop him from killing her in a second. The vampires grin showed his fangs. He laughed evily and suddenly plunged at Yuki, grabbing her neck and piercing it. Yuki awoke, screaming.

(Stay tuned for Episode 3, was i wrong?)

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