Fireworks (SFW)

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It was thirty minutes until the first day of the new year.

You were laying in bed, all bundled up in the sheets with your dog, serene music playing from the earphones that you were wearing as you nervously think of when the clock strikes midnight.

This was the one time of the year that you didn't look forward to.

You hated the loud bangs of fireworks as your ears were very sensitive to anything loud.

You anxiously kept glancing at the clock, tearing up when you saw that it was only a minute left until those dreadful fireworks start bursting.

You prepared yourself, hugging your dog and covering its ears as you knew that their ears were also sensitive.

You hear your neighbors counting down from 10 and you were already bracing yourself, shaking as tears fell from your eyes, hiding yourself in the sheets even more.

As you were wallowing in bed, you didn't notice the jiggling of keys at your front door.

The loud banging of fireworks began and you were already crying your heart out, hoping that the events would end soon.

You heard the door to your bedroom suddenly bust open, making you jump.

With wide, tear-filled eyes, you saw that it was your best friend.

Not wasting any more time, your bestfriend came to your side and laid on the bed with you.

They rested your head on their chest, kissing your forehead as they bundled you up in blankets (don't worry, the dog was in the middle of you two).

They took off one earphone and whispered into your ear saying, "Shh shh.. it's okay... I'm here now. I'll make sure those fireworks won't get ya.", along with a kiss to your cheek.

They put the earphone back and started rubbing your back and playing with your hair, occassionally giving kisses to your head.

Your sobbing turned into hiccups as you felt safe in your best friend's arms.

You felt the hand playing with your hair leave your head.

You were about to complain when you saw that they were also petting the dog's head.

You smiled and snuggled more into their chest as you thought that the fireworks were suddenly not so scary anymore.

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