Chapter 42

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I ripped the door open. "Mum!" I shouted. She put her hand around my mouth as we fell to the floor. She kicked the door with her foot as all of the herd look directly into my eyes. "Everyone! Shut the hell up and get down!" Mum said as she put the candle out. It was getting really dark and no one could see a thing. "What's happening?" Megan asked. "Shut up!" Mum said again. Mum was covered in blood and stunk the room out, she had bags of baby food and milk. "Mum?" I whispered. "I'm so happy your here. I've been so scared without you!" I whispered. Mum crawled over to the curtain and closed them. "Okay, I think were all good." Mum whispered. Everyone got up and she ran to hug me. I put my hand out. "Na ah! You stink. What's happened?" I asked. "If you don't make a sound and if you smell like them, they don't even realise that your a human. I know its risky, but it works." Mum said.

"I'm sorry, but what the hell is going on?" Megan asked. "This is my mum." I pointed out. "You think I didn't know that..." Megan sarcastically said. "I mean, why are you here, how did you know we were here." Megan asked. "I really didn't know you were here I came back from the shops and everyone was gone. Alfie's dad and I lost each over in the chaos at the shops, but Tiffany and Mario found me. Shortly after Mario died. I just popped out to get some baby supplies." Mum said. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." Sara said. "My name is Lilly. I knew you were still alive!" Mum said to me. "And Leighanna! Your mum and dad were sadly... well... burnt. The shop that you lived above caught fire. I'm really sorry." Leighanna broke down into tears and said "Its not your fault!"

"Tiffany, Francesca and Connie are all up stairs packing, we were actually going to the shop, but know we need a better plan." I said. "Wait? Francesca! That's Tiffany's daughter. You were apart of her group?" Mum asked. "Yeah, we found her within a few hours of this madness!" I replied. "Guys! The zombies are surrounding us. They must have heard Alfie shouting 'Mum'" Sara pointed out.

I ran over to the window and looked out. "There must be thousands!" Connor whispered. "Maybe millions!" Leighanna said unconfidently. "I'm going to check on Tiffany and her girls." Mum said.

(Charlotte's POV)

I looked into the kitchen. "Guys?" I said. "What is it?" Connor asked. "I am really hungry!" I moaned. My stomach started to rumble. "I haven't eaten since Friday." (Today is Sunday) I said. "Gosh! You must be starving!" Megan said. Megan ran over to the cupboard and pulled out a tin of sweetcorn. I started to feel sick. "Bluh!" I was sick all over the floor.

Megan gave me a glass of water and the tin of sweetcorn and I started to fill myself up. "I thought you had been a but quiet lately." Megan said. "Charlotte, are you okay?" Alfie asked. "Yeah, I am fine now. Thank you!" I replied.

(Connor's POV)

"Why are we always moving? This place is fine. I lived in the American airport even since the start of this!" I asked. "The reason we are moving from this place is because people don't feel safe here. Like that big herd that just went past. We could have all died!" Leighanna pointed out. I said no more. I just nodded my head.

I started to pack my bag again.

Knife, A few tins of food, 2 bottles of water, some spare clothes (Dirty ones), a gun, a lot of ammo.

"Connor here!" Alfie said whilst giving me a kitchen knife. "What's that for? I already have a knife!" I argued. "If you stab them in the knee it will be easier to catch them later because they are slower." Alfie said whilst giving the rest of the knives out.

(Alfie's POV)

Tiffany, Mum, Francesca and Connie came down the stairs. "Everyone ready?" I asked. "Yup!" Everyone replied. "Where are we exactly going?" Sara asked whilst holding Laurens hand. "There is a few busses around, I can drive." Mum said. "Mum, We can all drive. I'm young but I drove a lorry around America for a few months." I said. "You did what!" Mum angrily replied. "I'll explain later." I replied.

We all started to figure out a plan on where we were going in the bus exactly. "Hey! Alfie! What about our school!" Leighanna said. "Good plan!" I replied.

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