Chapter 17: Raging Fever

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Chapter 17: Raging Fever

"Where is it?! Where is it?! Where is it?! Where is it?!" Harley's upturned bed and belongings clanging on the floor woke Ginny up. "Harley, could you please be a little be more silent? It's not even sunrise yet," Ginyy groaned as she lifted her head to talk to her. "I'm so sorry, dear Ginny, but I have seemingly lost my prized amulet. But to your convinience, I shall entrust you with my pillow, to block out any noise I should make in the remaining time of your sleep," Harley threw her a pillow and continued to find her amulet.

Later that morning at breakfast, everyone couldn't help but notice how tired Harley was. At one point, her head had almost dipped itself at a plate full of waffles. George and Fred had to splash her face with ice cold water to actually wake her up.

"What have you done all night so you could end up like this?" Harry had asked his sister. "It's my amulet. I can't find it anywhere. I've been searching for it ever since I knew it wasn't on my bedside table," Harley said as she picked on her food.

Later that day, as she was walking to Hagrid's hut, she noticed a silhouette going to the forbidden forest. She looked around to see that no one was around and followed the figure to the forest. After hiding behind a tree, Harley was overhearing a conversation.

"Hove you got the amulet?" A weak yet powerful voice asked. Harley's eyes widened. What if it was her amulet?

"Y-y-yes, my lord," the voice of the figure Harley had seen said. It was of a male's and it sounded young. But at some point, she could not pinpoint to who the boy was.

"Give it to me," the voice demanded.

The shadow of the boy was seen by Harley and the boy was shaking as he handed the amulet. She wanted to pounce on the boy who had taken the amulet and rip it out of his hands but she was mortified to see a bony hand accept the amulet and the amulet's glow seemed to burned as strong as a wildfire.

As it was held by the bony hand, the amulet was glowing as bright as all of the torches of Hogwarts were combined and Harley gasped. The silhouette of the bony figure seemed to have heard the gasp and turned to the trre she was hiding. Harley shut her eyes and prayed that the bony figure would come no where near the tree. But then, the same light that the amulet glowed hovered over her eyelids. She wanted to scream but before she could, she collapsed.

Over the next few days, Harry couldn't sleep after knowing what happened to his sister. Harley has been in the Infirmary for almost a week and she hasn't woken up yet. The story was that Seth had found her unconscious on the ground in the forest. No one knew why she was in the forest but her. As Harry entered the Infirmary, he passed by Madame Promfry who was seemingly agitated. "What's wrong Madame Promfry?"

"It's your sister, Harley, she's having a raging fever. I don't know how... She was already healing... I don't know what to do!"

Harry ran as fast as he could to Harley's side and placed a hand over her forehead, fealing the burning heat. He quickly withdrew his hand at the heat. The he noticed who was in the other bed next to Harley's-Seth Jackson. He was awakening and Harry went up to him. "What's happening to my sister? You brought her here. What's Happening to her?!" Harry demanded. Seth just kept silent.

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