Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 1, Will you?

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Yuki clipped on her seatbelt and stared out the window to Cross acadamey with many things on her mind. How will the headmaster cope? What will happen to Sayori? Will Zero build up the courage to come for me? "Yuki, are you ok? You seem distracted." Kanames soft words inturupted her daydream. "Sorry, yeah i have just got a lot of things on my mind right now." Yuki went back to gazing at Cross Academy untill it was out of view. Ruka and Hanabusa sat opposite both glaring at Kaname, whos attention was elsewhere. "Why are you two lokking that way? Am i that fasanating to you two?" Hanabusa and Ruka both blushed. "umm, uhh no, its just, uhh....." Kaname smiled at their response. "Calm down, it was a joke." They settled back into their seats, still blushing a bright red.

The car stopped and the driver got out first. The door suddenly swung open before Yuki could even undo her seatbelt. "Lady Yuki." The blond haired limousine driver stared at the ground, not daring to look up. "Thank you." Yuki stepped out and stared at the amazingly big mansion infront of her. "Do you like it, Yuki? It may be a bit small but its all i could get for the time being." "Its purfect Kaname! I am in such a debt to you i..." Kaname covered Yukis mouth before she could finish. "Nonsense, Yuki. If anything i should be the one in debt. I hurt you so much whilst trying to protect you. This is the least i could do for you." Kanames hand fell to rest besides his leg. Yuki gazed up at Kaname. "Kaname, i..." Hanabusa barged through the two of them. "Wow! A mansion! Ruka come check this out!" Ruka let out a sigh as she trailed behind him. "We best hurry, i have plans for us this afternoon, Yuki." Kaname picked up his bags.

Yuki unpacked her bags and layed everything out on her bed. Thats strange? Where did this come from? A royal blue dress lay folded at the bottem of her bag with something writted on a card attached to it. Yuki opened the card and read it out loud: "Dear Yuki. Remember me telling you about the plans i arranged this evening. Well I thought you may have nothing to wear, so i brought this for you. Put this on and meet me down stairs at 5:00, ill be waiting..." She didnt even need to read out the last bit, but she did anyway: "Love from Kaname." Yuki glanced down at her watch. "4:35 i better go and get changed now." So she finished unpacking her things and got dressed. Kaname was waiting for her down staris in a suit and tie. "You look beautiful as allways, Yuki. Im glad you wore the dress." The same limosuine pulled up out the front and suddenly, they heard a voice. "Your ride has arrived, Lord Kaname and Lady Yuki." Yuki turned to the blond haired man. "Shall we go, Yuki?" Yuki's eyes went back to meet with Kanames. "Where are you taking me?" Kaname smiled. "You'll see."

The limosuine stopped and Kaname turned to Yuki. "Tonight, i will repay my debt to you, Yuki." Yuki's eyes widened. "But Kaname...." Kaname inturupted Yuki. "Please, its the least I can do." The car door opened and Yuki was lead to the door of the resturaunt. The Bloody Rose. As soon as Yuki heard this, she immediatly thought of Zero. She felt a pain in her chest. Had she made the right desicion? "Yuki, are you ok? Your daydreaming again." Kaname had a worried look on his face. "Dont look like that Kaname, im fine." Kaname grabbed Yukis hand and kissed it. Yuki smiled. Their eyes met and for a few intense seconds, they felt as if they were the only two people on this earth. "Um, i dont mean to be a bother but would you like to take a seat?" The sound of a young mans voice broke the serenity. "Oh, yes, im very sorry." The man bowed. "Please, dont be Lord Kaname. Table One" Kaname thanked the man and walked on through.  "I will be your waitor this evening, may i take your orders?"  The same man had his head so low in a bow, that Yuki wondered if he was smelling the flowers that lay in the middle of their table. " Kaname picked up his menu and opened it. "I will have the bloody wine thank you." Yuki seemed surprised that the waitor didnt react at his order. "Lady Yuki?" She looked down the list of her menu. Blood steak, Blood wine, everything seemed to contain blood in it. Yuki looked don the list, stunned at what she saw. The wairtor must have know that she was stunned at the sight of all the bloody dishes. "Miss, you do realise that this is a vampire restaraunt, dont you?" Yuki smiled. "Oh, im sorry, i didnt realise." The man bowed again. "Oh please, dont be sorry." Yuki looked down the list. "I will just have the Bloody steak thank you." The waitor walked off and Kanamae turned to Yuki. "I have a question to ask you, Yuki." Yuki turned to Kaname. "Of corse Kaname." Yukis heart started to beat faster, because all of the times Kaname has wanted to ask a question, it was either life changing, or bad. "Yuki, we have know each other our whole lives. I have had to wait 10 years to see you again, but i feel that it has been worth it. Your presence is enough to make me fill with happyness. I have allways felt the same about you as i do today and that is why i ask, Yuki, will you do the honour of spending the rest of eternity with me? Will you marry me?"

(Stay tunned for episode 2, eternity isnt enough)


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