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Chapter 19

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(Your POV)

Unfourntounately you didnt find lady Elizabeth."Y/N,i need you to go get the items on this list for me."Your father said."I'm telling!!"You said."Who!?"He replied."Uncle!!"You yelled back."Oh yeah im so scared!"Your father said sarcasticaly."Ciel!!"You yelled."Nope not going to work."He said crossing his arms."Fine!You win."You yelled grabbing the list."Y/N becareful."Your father yelled as you jumped out the window.You ran to london but started walking like a normal human."Hey!Its you again!"The red hair you saw-not to long ago-yelled."Oh hey."You said sheepishly.The red haired started walking towards you and a man with the same type of eyes and black hair-with glasses of course-running after him saying 'You have a job to do!'You tried to walk away but he caught you."Suttcliff,you shouldn't run off in the middle of a job."The other shinigami said as he caught up with the red head."Uhh,Hi?"You said."Hey whats this?"The red head asked grabbing the paper from your hands."Oh,well i got in trouble and now im my father's servant for punishment."You said getting a little upset."May i ask who your father is?"The other shinigami asked."Uhhh.....Sebastian.Sebastian Michaelis."You said.Both of the men looked at you suprised."OH HOW DARE HE HAVE A CHILD WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!!!"The red head said."Ahem,Well if i shall ill introduce the both of us.I am Wiliam T. Spears and this is Grell Sutcliff."The man said."I-I am Y/N Michaelis."You said bowing slightly.

~Time skip~

"Y/N,what took you so long?!"Your father said as soon as you walked in."Why does it concern you!"You huffed."Because i love you."He said pulling you into a hug."I love you t-"You were cut off by your father."You were near Grell werent you?"He asked."Haha,how do you know...oh i hear ciel calling me bye."You said.Running up the stairs you made it to Ciel's room."Aww,hes taking a nap."You said quietly.You tiptoed over to his bed and got in."Got you."Ciel said smiling and wrapping his arms around your waist."Ciel,My father already knows.."You said."So?He wont do nothing cause of our contract."Ciel said kissing you.

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