Welcome to Hogwarts.

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It had been a month since Harry and Remus made their trip to Diagon Alley for his birthday, a month spent reading all of his first year texts and having Remus teach him the beginning aspects of Occlumency with help from the book he had purchased from a shady rare book store in Knockturn Alley.

Basically, it came down to learning to clear one's mind of all thoughts so that someone versed in the arts of reading ones thoughts will learn nothing; that was that basic principals of Occlumency. Remus had him, to practise Occlumency, meditate so that he can get into practise of clearing his mind of all thoughts, as meditation also required one to do the same thing. At first, Harry found it difficult because as he'd meditate, he would begin to think if he was currently thinking of nothing...which ended up being quite counter productive. In response, Remus advised him to merely focus on his breathing in and out to begin with before trying to empty his mind of thoughts.

It had taken the better part of the month, but Harry was finally able to empty his mind of all thoughts. Remus had advised him to keep practising at school because to move onto the next step of Occlumency, he would have to empty his mind of thoughts instantly, and not in the thirty minutes it took him to do so at the moment. With a promise that he would practise meditation and clearing his mind as much as possible, they departed from their home to King's Cross Station on September the first to catch the train that would take Harry to Hogwarts.

King's Cross Station during the morning was probably one of the most busiest places in all of London, which was proved when Remus and Harry arrived at said station only to be met dozens of families, people heading off to work, muggle school children and regular citizens running around and rushing to their respective trains.

Harry had never had a reason to go to King's Cross personally, so this was his first visit to the famous train station, which would explain his awed and wary state of mind as he and Remus approached. He never was one for crowds.

"Harry, stick close to me until we get to Platform 9 ¾ okay?" Remus asked with a kind smile, understanding his adopted charge's discomfort. Harry nodded and grabbed onto the back of Remus's coat allowing himself to be led through the crowd at King's Cross as they passed families that Harry was sure were magical also.

Finally, Harry and Remus arrived at Platform 10, a platform that was coincidently devoid of any muggles.

"Harry, what you need to do is run into the wall right there" Remus indicated the brick wall before them "it's an illusionary wall that you can walk right through; Platform 9 ¾ is on the other side" explained the brown haired man.

Harry nodded and was about to walk through before Remus put a hand on his shoulder "It's best to run through the first time, it can feel a little weird."

Shrugging, Harry started at a jog and ran at the wall...

...Only to slam head first into a solid brick wall.

Remus was howling with laughter while Harry was clutching his now bleeding forehead in pain.

"It's the wall on the other side of the platform isn't it?" Harry asked rhetorically.

Remus couldn't answer, he was laughing too hard.

Harry nodded and walked through the wall he just saw another family disappear through on the other side of the platform. Why had he believed Remus so easily? Was it because the number 9 ¾ closer to 10 then 9 and thus would be the wall closer to platform 10 and not 9, like he was walking towards now?

His first mistake, he realized, was trying to put logic to anything in the Wizarding world...

Rule number one of the Wizarding world was to never try to apply logic to the Wizarding world.

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