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~ Cedric Diggory

I opened my eyes slowly still tired from being up late with Fred and George. I looked at the clock and it read 6:30. I groan as I sat up and realized I'm not in the room of requirements nor my room. I was in the boys dorm. Fred and Georges to be exact. I found Fred asleep in his bed and they're room mate who's name I've forgotten asleep in his bed. I look over and saw George asleep next to me. I blush as I quietly got out of bed but to be pulled down by George whom took it upon himself to wrap his arms around me and pulled me back down. At this point my face was a bright red.

"George!" I whisper trying to not wake the others. He slowly opened his eyes and saw what he was doing and quickly let go as his face turned into a deep shade of red. I chuckle slightly as I got out of the bed and quickly made my escape out of the dorm and to the common room without being caught. After that I ran to my dorm to find the others ready. They all looked at me once I walked in.

"Where were you?" Hermione questioned. I shrug.

"I woke up last night and couldn't fall back to sleep so I went to the common room reading a book and fell back to sleep there." I smoothly lied. She nods as I quickly brush my hair and put my school robes on and grabbing my books exiting the dorm and making my way to the common room. I walked out of the portrait hole and walked to the Hufflepuff common room to see one of my best friends Cedric Diggory.


I walked into the hufflepuff common room looking for him. A lot of them said hello to me which I said back. I'm happy not all of them hate me. A lot of the hufflepuff's and ravenclaws hate me because of who my family is. I then saw Cedric coming down from the boys dorm not seeing me yet. I was practically bouncing in my spot. I haven't seen him since last year. We owled but it wasn't the same.

I ran up to him and jumped as I wrapped my arms and legs around him hugging him tightly, clinging on to him. Once I jumped on him he quickly wrapped his arms around me chuckling.

"Miss me Belle?" He asks chuckling. I nod as I hug him burying my face in his neck breathing in his sweet scent. I finally let go and he helped me down since he's so freaking tall. Well to me he is since I'm short. Even Hermione is taller then me!

"Well since your already here, walk with me to breaksfast?" I nod. As he slung his bag over his shoulder as I did with mine and walked to the Great Hall. He casually slung his arm around my shoulder as we walked to the Great Hall. Cedric is a sixth year and he's 16 years old. Me and Cedric have been friends since my first year. In first year I didn't have many friends at that time I was hanging around with Draco, crabbe and Goyle also with the Weasly twins to do pranks and the three of us were detention buddies. That was before Harry, Ron, Hermione were my friends so Cedric asked me to hang out with him one time and after that we became close friends. I can trust him with anything.

We got a lot of looks while walking there. There were the girls who glared at us mainly me and I heard some girls 'awed' as we walked by. A few guys even wolf whistled at us. All I did was roll my eyes and flipped off the girls who glared at me.

We finally made it to the Great Hall and that's when we went our separate ways. I went over and plopped down next to Ron who were across from sitting from Hermione and Harry.



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