(Chapter 5) Activated?!

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It's been a while since I've became the so called 'Mistress' of the fabricated world. Even if I don't want to admit it, I've become more and more familiar with the museum day after day. I improved from not knowing what's going on to managing my so called 'powers' well.

I wandered through the museum hoping for a new soul to arrive and take my place. My thoughts eventually wandered off to Garry. His smile, kind words, the way he pets my head and tells me good job when I solved a puzzle... I paused in the completely empty hallway, tears streamed down my face one by one. Hitting the floor with the slightest sound. I turned around sharply and headed for my room.


Huddled together on the ceiling, Hiroshi and Kuro looked at each other and sighed. Both jumping down, they stared at the direction that Ib had ran off in. Breaking the silence of the hallway, Kuro slowly spoke:" Mistress... Really likes that Garry doesn't she..."

"Say..." said Hiroshi, " this Garry, you saw him come in through the painting didn't you? Doesn't he remind you of.."
Kuro sharply interrupted his question:"Look Hiroshi, the mistress is already 16, she's going to turn 17 tomorrow, when her birthday comes, we will prepare her for 'it's' arrival. " Hiroshi opened his mouth hesitantly: "Don't you think it's a little early for that?"
"Don't be silly Hiroshi, Mistress Mary took over 'it' when she was 15."
"But mistress is very naive and weak, if 'it' takes over mistress instead...Then..."
Hiroshi shivered at the thought of 'it' taking over again.
Kuro bonked Hiroshi on his head :"Look Hiroshi, just follow what I say. We'll stay at mistress's side to ensure that everything goes as planned."


Entering the now familiar room, I took out my sketchbook and one of the faintly glowing pens out of a box and started to draw. Unsure if it's the atmosphere of the art gallery or the boredom of no human interaction, I started to draw a lot more.
Kuro had told me the magic of the glowing pens. He told me that if the object is created with these pens, the objects will appear in real life. But the only problem was that nothing that's drawn actually comes alive, it just pops out as a doll. Holding the glowing pen, I started to draw Garry, with his two shades of purple as hair, a big fluffy coat and most of all, his kind smile. I sighed dreamily at the Garry in the painting, a part of me hoped that he would appear out of nowhere and as usual, hold my hand, rub my hair, and smile at me. The other part of me wanted Garry to stay as far away from this horrid place as possible, for him to stay safe and sound.

Finishing the details of my painting, 'Garry' popped out of the painting... As a lifeless doll... Forcing back my tears, I lost the will to draw again and started to tidy the pen and sketchbook.
"MISTRESS! MISTRESS!" Mura charged through the door. "This is big news!!" He yelled while pulling me off the ground.
Mura is the doll that chased Garry to play with him. He really is childish and careless at times. I turned my head towards him and asked dully :"What's the big deal Mura?" Not like anything exciting comes from wandering in a museum...

"Mistress," Mura clapped his doll hands, "the Abyss of the deep has been activated!! It's only been a few weeks too!!" He kept rambling on about the times that the paintings been activated and how happy the others are. My mind focused on six words and six words only.

The abyss of the deep... ACTIVATED?!?!

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