(Chapter 4) Sweet moment

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I walked into the café and almost immediately spotted Mary with her bright yellow waves and her dark green dress. I walked over.

"So? Why was the reason that you called me here?" I asked with an unpleasant tone, I didn't know why, but I didn't like her, she had a weird atmosphere around her, almost as if she's not human, and my heart screams DANGER! DANGER! Whenever I go near her.

Mary, on the other hand didn't seem to mind my bad attitude, she simply smiled and waved for me to sit down. I sat down reluctantly. "You should be more nice to kids." She said as she waved for the waiter.
As she looked through the menu and chatted with the waiter, I grew impatient, "You called me all the way here just to have tea and hang out?!" I groaned under my breath. "Now now," she smiled mysteriously,"don't get mad so easily Garry, I'm on your side after all..." She paused, "For now." "What do you mean 'my side'?" I frowned. Mary simply stayed quiet as the waiter served us tea and macaroons. As I lay eyes on what's being served, a sharp pain stung my head like a lightning bolt and all I could see were the small and colourful desserts and my own faint voice in my head: "When we get out, let's go for macaroons, I know this place where..."
The voice faded and before I realized, the world before me started spinning and darkness quickly crept in...


Mary looked at the purple haired man lying unconsciously on the table in front of her and sighed again, she didn't have to look to know that her hand will have lost more colours just from her doing that. She pulled out the phone with her good hand and called a taxi, with the help of the driver, dragged him onto the taxi and drove him home.

In the dream world...(Garry's POV)

'She is very smart for a small child like her.' I thought as she solved puzzle after puzzle, moving things to their original spots and finding secret rooms. Confusing situations that even I struggled on.
We eventually came to a room.

The moment we entered the room, I felt The little person next to me tense up almost immediately. My head turned to look at her, her face was extremely pale. She seem to be staring at something, then, started to walk hesitantly towards the large painting in the middle of the room.

'My' eyes followed her gaze and focused on a painting of two formally dressed people. "Mom? Dad?" Her shaky lips silently read.
It looked as if she was about to cry any second. Her shiny crimson eyes dulled and I could sense her fear and disbelief.
I saw tears in her eyes.

Trying to change her mood, 'I' spoke: "Oh, are these your parents? You sure resemble them a lot. " 'I' said jokingly.
She just ignored me and continued to stare at the painting as if the whole world didn't exist, her eyes fixed on the two smiling people.
I could feel my heart throbbing and my stomach did spins seeing her like this. I walked over to her, forcing down the urge to wrap my arms around the little girl and hug her with all my might, I patted her head and smiled at her: "It's ok, we'll get out of here soon and you can be together with your parents again." As I comforted her, her breathing slowly steadied and the colours returned to her face. I stroked her soft hair once more before forcing myself to let go, lingering the silky texture, and began opening my mouth to say something, but quickly shut it as she jumped up to her feet.
"What's that sound?"she whispered. I closed my eyes and listened closely. It was coming from the window. I ran over and quickly covered the window with the shelf next to it. I grabbed the small girl's hand and, without thinking, ran for the door, which of course was unable to open. Even though I tried to turn the knob with all my might, it was locked shut. We quickly switched our position and stayed at the corner horizontally to the window. "Boom! Boom!" The banging sound from the window got louder, but it wasn't close to breaking through the shelf. Just as I felt relieved, scratching noises came from the wall next to us. My first instinct was to pull her behind me and back away, but we weren't fast enough, the lady in blue appeared out of the hole and reached out her claw for the small girl. Keeping her behind me, I had no other choice than to stand still as I need to keep her safe.

And as result, the lady in blue's claw made a huge diagonal cut from my right shoulder all the way down to my waist. Even though I knew this was a dream, I still felt the claws slice me open. I grunted because of the pain but didn't want her to worry. As the wound slowly disappeared, a blue petal fell down from my coat but I quickly kicked it under the shelf before the small girl could see and we ran from the horrifying painting. We circled around the room and, picking Ib up carefully, I ducked into the hole made by the painting. Keeping her in my arms, I quickly ran away from the paintings and statues and exited out the door leading to the hall. Shutting the door behind me, I let Ib down gently and breathed in and out heavily. Looking at her unnaturally pale face, I quickly caught my breath and began to ask her if she was okay.

Suddenly, her figure wobbled and she quickly slanted towards me and fell down to her knees. I reached out my arms and caught her just before she hit the ground.
I shook her slightly, my voice shaky: "Ib? Ib are you ok? Don't scare me here!" Hearing the scratchings on the door behind me, I picked her up and rushed forward to find a room that would be safe.

Finally, opening the room closest to me, shutting the door with my foot, I laid her down carefully and wrapped her small body with my jacket that's been warmed by my body heat. Looking at her still blurry face, all I could think about were the pair of eyes that were full of of kind, happiness, intelligence, and just a few moments ago, hurt. I stroked her hair softly, trying not to wake her. My hand was still a little bit shaky from the unthinkable thought that something bad was going to happen to her when she fell to her knees.
Letting out a big sigh, my thoughts were still on her. "She's just a small girl, why did I not think about that? Why can't I protect her well?" I heard myself say.
Thinking about her, I leaned closer, as if trying to see her face more clearly. Her body moved slightly and I realized what I was doing. I was only a few inches away from touching her face with mine! I jumped up, feeling my ears and cheeks grow hot, I stiffly walked away from her and pulled out a random book from the bookshelf that was in the room. Covering my now reddened face with the book, I could feel my heart racing as I took peaks looking at her, who was sleeping soundly covered with my warm coat. Although knowing its a dream, I didn't want to wake up, I just want this moment to last forever...


Dropping Garry off at his house, I stayed and watched him. With slightly shaking hands, I removed the glove from my hand, I watched with helplessness as dark colours crept from my fingertips and onto my hand, quickly swallowing it and now, slowly climbing onto my wrist. Watching as my hand slowly fading, I thought about Ib. About the light that shone in her eyes when she talked to me about Garry, the joy of when she wanted to invite me to eat macaroons with them.
Tears silently poured out as I thought about her words and her smile when she pushed both me and Garry into the painting.
Why?! I cried out in my head. I don't deserve the love and affection that's given to me by you! I shook away the memories and stared with hatred and jealousy at the purple haired man on the couch. I would kill him, I thought to myself, but you wouldn't want that right Ib? I whined at the pain as the dark colours engulfed my entire arm and moved without pity onto my shoulder.
My thoughts wandered back to the museum. Suddenly, I jumped up, realizing something that I've put in the back of my mind this whole time. Horrified at the forgotten thought, I raced out the door and dashed towards the museum.

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