(Chapter 3) Who is she?

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I flipped around in my bed, unable to sleep. Eventually, I got tired and sat up. I took out the handkerchief that Mary gave to me. I stared at the letters, "Ib..." I read it again. It was the seventeenth time I've repeated this name today. I rubbed my temples again and reached into the jar for a piece of lemon candy. Keeping it in my mouth, I lied back down.
Why did she give me this? Why do I feel like I've forgotten something? What happened in the gallery?... All these questions bombarded my brain. I forced these questions down and forcefully told myself to sleep. My designs are due tomorrow. I need to sleep...

In the dream world:(Garry POV)

I regained consciousness because of the pain that's spreading throughout my body. I slowly opened my eyes to see a small girl standing in front of me. I couldn't see her face clearly, but the pair of crimson eyes staring at me were so soft and kind that I didn't want to take my eyes off of her.
She was holding a fully bloomed blue rose to me. It was... odd, her mouth was moving, but I couldn't hear a single word. I stared into her eyes, and heard myself asking to travel along with her. For some reason, I didn't want to leave the little girl, even if I had just met her. It's as if I knew her and was trying to stay by her side. I almost jumped at my own thought. I opened my mouth trying to talk to her, but no words came out whatsoever.
What?! This is impossible! Why can't I control my own body? I struggled with my own arms and legs, but it was no use. Am I going to just watch as everything happens? I thought to myself. I felt myself jump backwards as a painting suddenly spits at me. The small girl seems to giggle at my reactions. Her laugh was cute, I thought, then quickly shook the thought away, shocked by my interest in a small girl., I kept thinking about it when the very voice of my own interrupted my thoughts. "I meant to do that." I heard myself say.
As we continued to walk through the hallway, my hand holding hers.


At 6am, Garry was woken up by his alarm clock. He had to go to a meeting and present his designs for the new project.
Normally, he would be excited for more incomes, but today, he just lied plump on his bed, thinking about his dream.

"Why did that dream seem so realistic? Who was the little girl? Why do I have the feeling that the dream is trying to tell me something?" He murmured to himself, rubbed his temples once again and finally got up.


After they took me into the room, Hiroshi explained that the paintings and sculptures combined their powers to form this room where no other beings other than them could see. I thought weird of this, if I'm the 'ruler' of this gallery, then why did they show me this room? Aren't they scared of me taking it away?
Hiroshi looked at the others deeply, and the paintings and sculptures left the room hesitantly.

He then started to tell me about the rumours that they heard. The story that happened to Guertena... "What I'm about to tell you now what we believe and heard about the creator of this gallery, Guertena. " I opened my mouth to ask about Garry and Mary but decided to be polite and close it. Hiroshi continued onwards,

"A long, long time ago, when Guertena was still a young man, he fell in love with a beautiful woman, the woman loved the colour red, she wears it almost everyday, Guertena was a poor man, like any other beginner artists, his ultimate life goal is for his paintings to be worth money to buy. When he met the... Well, let's just call her Lady in red. When he met the Lady in red, he thought she was the most magnificent creature created by god himself, he soon proposed to the woman and was happily married. They had only one child, which they both loved with all their hearts, the child was well cared for, until one day, when the child turned 15..."

"Hiroshi!!!" Another doll interrupted their conversation. Hiroshi turned to looked at him.
"Kuro?! What are you doing here?! Aren't you supposed to be..." Kuro quickly covered Hiroshi's mouth and half dragged him to the corner of the room and started to whisper into his ear. Faintly, I could only hear a few words: "shouldn't...secret...he said...chosen...used for..."
When I decided to go just a little bit closer to hear their conversation, both Kuro and Hiroshi stopped talking. Kuro exited the room quickly and Hiroshi turned to look at me : "Umm," he looked at me awkwardly, "how about I give you a tour around the place and show you your new room." The words saddened me, but also stopped my curiosity about Kuro and what they were talking about.
I won't be able to see Garry anymore... I thought to myself as I walked out of the room in despair.


I nearly skipped out of the meeting room with a wide grin on my face. The presentation went explicitly well, the boss loved the style and the designs of my work, just thinking about the total profit that I get is making me want to dance. I walk out of the work building and hoped onto the bus.
"Ring~" the sound of my phone was extremely loud in such a quiet bus, I felt embarrassed as I pulled out the phone from my pocket and answered. "Hello?" I whispered into the phone. A somewhat familiar voice came from the other end.
"Hello Garry, it's me, Mary." My eyes grew wide: "Mary?! From the gallery?! How did you?!" Mary chuckled, "Stop panicking, " she said in a teasing voice, "Come drop by at the café XXXX this afternoon, I'll meet you there."


Hanging up the phone, I went into my "parent's" bedroom to tell them about my trip.
"Mom, dad, I need to go out today, there's someone I need to meet. "
My mom petted my head gently, "Sure honey, just make sure you be careful ok?" My dad offered me a drive but I refused politely.

I walked out of the house and started to make my way to the café. I let out a big sigh, last night's dream that Garry received should get him curious about her, I looked at my hand, some of the fingers were becoming dull of colour, I quickly pulled out a pair of leather gloves from my pocket and pulled them on to cover the strangeness. Good luck you two...

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