Chapter 15

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Rachael's POV

"Yes I had." I told him confidently.

"I'm so sorry Rachael. " He said.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gemma slip out of the kitchen to give me and Jax privacy.

"Jax you kidnapped our daughter."

"I know and I'm sorry for that I just I didn't want you to leave again. I love you Rachael. "

"Yeah it sure seemed that way when you were screwing that porn star."

"We already talked about this! It wasn't consensual. I was forced to do it for the club. "

" You could have come after me. "

" Didn't know where you where going. "

"I meant you could have ran after me when I left the club house. "

He stayed silent.

"I know I wasn't thinking. Can we please try again. We were doing so well when you came back before. Please. " he said after a few minutes.

" I- I don't know Jax. "

He got down on his knees. " Please Rachael just one more chance. " he places his hands on my waist.

I sighed. I don't think I could say no if I tried.

"Okay, but only one more chance if you blow it were done for good. "

He sighed in relief and rested his head on my stomach.

"Thank you so much. " He whispered.

Authors note: she gave him another chance! What do you guys think? Did he deserve it? Will he mess it up again?

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