Abused Mate

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Olivia's POV
*Punch, hit, kick* I have learned to keep my mouth shut while I'm getting bullied, otherwise it will get worse it always does. Right now they are beating me with silver gloves, and they are kicking me with their steel toe boots. It has been worse believe it or not once they chained me up to the wall and started hitting me with a whip. And I know what you may be thinking "where is the alpha"? Well he is the leader of all this mess and he hates me more than anybody and I don't know why. But as soon as I turn 16 and shift I will hopefully find my mAte and he will save me from this awful place. Although mates can sense their other half two years before the female can they usually tell the female and wait for her to turn of age. Anyway our alpha's name is Cole and he is 6'4 and has blonde hair and green eyes I would be lying if I said he wasn't cute. While I am just average with brown hair and brown eyes and only 5'5. That's only one reason why my mate won't want me. Anyway after they all leave, I have to clean up the kitchen and then I go to my room in the attic where my bed is and that consists of two blankets and a pillow that is ten years old, I don't have many things except for the necklace my mother gave me when I was born, my mom died at birth and my father just couldn't live without my mom.

Let me know what you guys think! This is my first story so hopefully it will turn out better than I think!

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