"If I could stay away from you, then this wouldn't be any fun."

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With the passing of Fall Ball came the approach of winter, and in the weeks soon after snow began falling regularly. Yet, unlike in New York, school was rarely canceled. Two feet of snow was nothing, the large plows could easily keep up with the falling flakes. It was early December when we finally had our first snow day.

My mom came up and quietly rapped on my door frame. "Grace," she whispered as I groggily sat up. "School was canceled today." I felt myself smile as I dove back underneath my warm blankets. Finally, I thought. I glanced out the window at the lightly falling snow. It didn't seem to be much of a storm, but I didn't complain. I went back to bed.

I woke up at around nine, which was when I turned on my phone to check my text messages. There was one from Laur, saying that her and the rest of my friends were going to meet at the local ice rink a little past noon to go skating. There was another one from Shawn, asking me if I wanted to meet at Tim Hortons.

I weighed my options. I wanted to be with Shawn, but hanging out with him on a snow day was risky. No one was in school, so it was more likely that we would be caught together. Laur was my safest option. But despite the risks, I wanted to hang out with Shawn. I replied to Laur, saying that I wasn't feeling well and thought I should stay out of the cold. Then I texted Shawn and told him I'd be there in fifteen minutes.

I changed out of my pajamas and threw on my pale blue winter coat. My parents were at work, so I didn't have to tell anyone that I was going out. As promised, I reached Tim Hortons within fifteen minutes. Shawn's car was in the parking lot but he wasn't in sight, so I figured he must be in Tim


As I approached the building, I peered inside the window to see if Shawn was there. He was. He sat at a table in the corner, but he wasn't alone. Shawn was with another girl. As I looked closer, I realized it was Marissa. Stopping in my tracks, I watched them silently from behind the frosty glass.

They were both hovering over a tiny notebook, which Marissa was scribbling in furiously. I saw Shawn look over at the small clock mounted on the wall and then say something to Marissa. She then looked up from notebook, nodded, and smiled at Shawn. He grinned back with a genuine smile. Marissa shut the book and slid it across the table to him. He put it in his coat pocket. They both got up from the table, hugged each other goodbye, then parted ways. Shawn went over to buy some coffees while Marissa headed out towards her car in the parking lot. At the same time, I made way inside.

I passed Marissa in the doorway. We made brief eye contact, but she quickly looked away and didn't speak a word to me before she hurried out to her car.

I entered Tim Hortons and strolled over to the table Shawn was at. He smiled when he saw me and invited me to sit down. He slid my coffee across the table. A small hazelnut cappuccino with a caramel swirl.

I didn't say anything as I took my coffee and started softly sipping it. Shawn watched me, sensing I was on edge.

"Are you alright?" He asked, concerned.

I debated whether or not I should ask about Marissa and him. But he had told me numerous times before that she wasn't anything more than a friend. Shawn told me he only hung around with her to trick everyone else in town and divert them from thinking about our relationship, but I couldn't help but worry. I guess that's where trust had to play a role in our relationship.

"I'm fine," I replied, deciding I was going to shake off the thought of what I had saw. "Just a little cold."

"Well you better warm up," he smirked, "Because we're not going to be spending this snow day inside. It's beautiful out!"

"If by beautiful, you mean zero degrees and bone chilling," I replied.

"You're a Canadian now," he chuckled. "Better get used to these temperatures."

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