[contains sexual content]

THE SOFT SILKY ROSE GOLD ROBE glides across her brown skin as she strolled around their room in search for her hair tie that she had no idea was misplaced, but once she took a glance at Harry, she seen that the hair tie she was looking for was on his wrist and she placed her hands on her hips, tapping her barefoot on the beige carpet and arched her eyebrow at him, waiting for her to notice that she was staring at him impatiently.

The curly haired man looked up from his laptop and to the short curvy woman standing at the end of his bed, him mocking her eyebrow raise as he tilted his head down, peaking his eyes over the glasses he wore.

"Yes darling?" He decides to speak up, seeing as though she would not say anything.

"What have I told you about taking my hair ties?"

He frowns, because he thought it was something else. "I mean seriously Harry, you have your own. And you taking my shit like go buy some more if you need 'em."

Estella rolls her eyes and Harry sits his laptop on his nightstand beside him, standing up and walking to his snappy girlfriend who had turned her back to him and frustratingly brushed her hair.

"You alright? Cause you seem mad."

Estella growls because she hates when he called her mad because she wasn't mad, she was just agitated. "Call me mad again."

"Woah, alright tiger. About to snap at me because I stole your hair tie." Harry shakes his head and takes it off his wrist, cupping her hair in his hands and Estella tries to childishly move her head away from him.

"Like shut up." He tells her and she sucks her teeth and stands there, looking at the both of them in the mirror while Harry put her hair in a ponytail, nose being hit with the nice fragrance of the conditioner she washed her hair with. He took a whiff and Estella shakes her head at him as he gently massages her shoulders, making her feel more relaxed.

"Now tell me what's wrong baby."

She sighs. "I'm just really tired."

"Then come lay with me and we can watch a movie or something so you could fall asleep faster."

"Can we watch Aladdin and then Alice in Wonderland? Not that new bullshit, talkin' bout the classic one."

Harry laughs. "Of course, anything you want."

"Yesss, I love you!" She smiles brightly and that's the smile Harry wanted to see.

"I love you too. Now get on the bed and wait for me." He had said sternly and Estella bites her lip, nodding as she walked passed him and he lays his hand on her ass, giving it a smack and she jumps while squealing.

"Ok, now that one hurt."

Flashing a grin at her as she gives him the finger and tries to climb on the bed but struggles because the bed was too high. Harry scowls and goes behind her, lifting her up and setting her on the plush mattress like a child.

"Tank you." She giggled.

"You're so little."

"I think we've already covered this."

"It's sexy though."

Estella sits back on the pillows, smashing the side of her face on his to inhale his strong scent, wanting to sleep already just by smelling his pillow like a weirdo. Harry finds the Disney CDs that he still had a collection of from his niece that here and there likes to visit, even though Estella has never actually met the little girl. She found it cute that Harry actually kept things for her here. She notices that there was an extra room downstairs that could pass for a child's play room, especially with the many Barbies down there.

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