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"And I'm sure he will understand you and most definitely support whatever decision you make. If you feel like the fashion industry isn't worth working for anymore, then don't force yourself to do something you aren't all in to do. You're a grown woman, I'm pretty sure he didn't expect you to stay with the company for the rest of your life. It's not like you're leaving and forgetting it, it'll always be apart of who you are. You're brilliantly talented, there's so much you can do with your future."

Estella warmly smiles, lying her hand on his bare chest. "You're right, you're totally right. I don't know why I was letting it drag me down. I'll always still be apart of what made that company the way it is now, I just don't feel it progressing in my heart anymore. I want to do more."

"Like what?"

"Honestly, I've been dying to open up my own restaurant. It's a long progress but I want to make it happen. I cooked a lot as a kid and I learned from so many family members. I want to show people that I can do more and give people what brings everyone together; and that's food."

Harry could see the excitement and passion behind her eyes and nothing made him happier than to see her chase her dreams and describe what she wanted to do for the world. Estella inevitably had a big heart when it came to others and that's one thing he really loved about her; she never put herself first and conjured up so many ways she could help people and show others that she cared and that they were worth caring for. "I think a restaurant would be exceptional. You can cook your ass off and I can be a critic for that. I'll help you achieve any dream of yours. Any dream is a dream no matter how big or small. So if it's something you really want—I'll be by your side."

"I love you," Estella whines happily. "Thank you for believing in me."

"Always, bambina." Harry winks.

"I love it when you speak Italian," Estella sits up, moaning playfully, Harry raising his brows in fascination. "And even Spanish. You should speak it more, it's such a turn on."

"Oh really?" His body slowly climbs above her, Estella giggling as she's pinned underneath him, the shiny cross necklace dangling from his tattooed neck which then grazed her chest, his legs on either side of her hips as he stared her down, eyes switching from bright and alluring to dark and intimidating in the matter of seconds. It was unbelievable how much power she had over him, vice versa. They were compatible for each other with their raging sex drives and the optimism to heal one another.

"Yes, really."

"Posso scoparti?" He slowly words, licking his lips temptingly, Estella's face heating up from how raspy his voice became.

"What does that mean?" She asks curiously, breath picking up.

"Can I fuck you?" He translates, Estella chewing on her bottom lip, his fingers dancing between her thighs, waiting for her answer painfully.

"Please." She begs and it was enough for him.

French kisses lingered across her entire body had her on fire, wrapping her legs around his hips as Harry's hand roamed her body, slipping under the robe that she wore and palming one of her breasts before flicking his pointer finger over her nipple as he left wet kisses down her soft stomach to the apex of her heated thighs. Harry shoving them apart before slipping his head between them, a discrete smirk twitching at his lips from the fact that she didn't have any undergarments on.

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