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[contains sexual content]

   TODAY HAD NOT BEEN ESTELLA'S day, therefore, she wasn't in the mood for anyone nor anything. But by having a boyfriend, that wasn't going to keep her from the silence she wished she could endure. She knew in her heart the minute Harry saw how agitated she was he was going to ask a million-and-one questions because he was concerning of her health every moment of each day. And she respected him a lot for that, but on some days she liked to keep to herself and not say a word about it until she felt like bringing it up.

A satin rose gold robe clings to her brown naked skin as she clicked off the bathroom light and walked into their bedroom, tossing her hair into a messy bun atop of her head, scuffing her house slippers tiredly against the floor. Yesterday had probably been the busiest day for the both of them this week since Harry had rented off a U-Haul truck and helped Estella gather everything she really wanted to take over to Harry's place which included her very large and very live pots of tall verdant plants, endless amounts of boxes containing clothing, make-up and hygienic products, shoes, sneakers, and her speaker system since Harry didn't have one and only played music from either his cellphone or the small Bluetooth speaker he kept in his kitchen.

It took half the day to load everything into the truck, drive to his home and then unpack everything. Estella had been extremely glad that Harry had a wide selection of space in his walk-in closet for her to add in her things on the right side of the closet across from his. Harry demanded they take a break, but Estella wanted to finish everything in one day that way she didn't have to worry about it later and try to dig into the boxes to find something she really needed the next day. When she finished, Harry had picked up takeout and they sat on the closet floor and enjoyed their food, Harry being the lovingly boyfriend that he was easing her tiredness with a body massage until she fell asleep. Carrying her to the bed and tucking her in while he went into his art room to start a new project.

Harry had listened to his girlfriend sigh beside him as she weakly climbed into the bed and plopped down on her side, glaring at the seventy-two inch television that had been brightly lit and streaming adult cartoons. Estella chewed the inside of her cheek, so many thoughts on her mind and she wishes Harry would get off his laptop and talk to her. So, she decided to speak up.

"Can we talk?"

Harry frowns, bringing his eyes from his laptop and glaring down at her, her voice concerning and he didn't like it. Shutting it closed in under a second, he sits it aside on his nightstand, removing the reading glasses from his face and setting it on top of the electronic device—giving her his full attention.

"Usually when you say that, somethings really wrong," He states, Estella rubbing her forehead and moping. "Tell me what's wrong, baby."

She sighs. "I've been thinking a lot lately and I've come to conclusion that I'm greatly disinterested in working for the fashion industry. Believe me, it's a fun and beautiful thing and I will always support my father and thank him for opening up a new world to me, but I find it exhausting now. It's not something I want to do anymore."

Harry hums. "You have been way too slump lately, so I'm assuming this is the reason why."

"And I'm glad you noticed because it's draining me, physically and emotionally. And it's not that I'm running out of ideas, I just don't feel inspired to pursue the career anymore. I was thinking about telling Alex tomorrow morning. I know he'll understand but I can't help but feel like if I leave, he'll lose his touch. His daughters are his main inspiration, that's what helped this company prosper."

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