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[contains sexual content]


EFFERVESCENT SCENTS OF FRESH AIR blowing through trees and the bright views of sunlight beaming on the blue lake as pure white doves swam in silence had been the most peaceful morning to a birthday Estella had ever had. Here she was sitting on a blanket on the fresh green grass next to Harry as they enjoyed a lovely over-the-top breakfast featuring freshly baked croissants, chocolate covered strawberries, a bowl of mixed fruits containing cherries, green grapes, apricots, and peaches. He had been fancy enough to even bring a glass vase and fill it with water and red roses he had bought from the convenience store. His car had been parked far from Central Park but they didn't mind the walk back seeming as it had been a beautiful day, even for November.

"I'm full." Estella sighed weakly, falling to her back and lifting her shirt up to rub at her bloated stomach.

"Oh, come on, you only had French toast and the whole bowl of strawberries."

"But I had three French toasts. That bowl had at least twenty strawberries."

"Greedy. Didn't even share." Harry rolled his eyes, picking up his glass cup and sipping the tangy orange juice.

Estella turned to her side and placed her hand on his thigh, wanting him to lie down with her and eventually he did after he burped and yawned loudly, Estella rolling her eyes and tugging him down so he could be flat on his back, dragging her right leg up so it could comfortably lie on his toned abdomen, Harry locking his hand on her thigh as she planted her cheek right above his heartbeat, listening to the faint sound and closing her eyes.

"Thank you." She hummed.

"That's the sixth time you said that today."

"I meant it. I know the day isn't over yet but this has been the best start to a birthday ever. So, thank you."

"You're welcome, baby. Anything for you."

"You're a sneaky person so I know you have more planned. What's going to happen after this?" She asked.

"You're forgetting I have work," He chuckled although she wishes he hadn't because that only made her upset. Estella grumpily moaned. "But you also have that lunch with your family and by the time we get home I'll already have things planned."

"I love the sound of that," She lifted her face and set her chin on top of her intertwined fingers, gazing at him with serenity. "Home. You always say that and it makes my heart warm."

"We never had that conversation about moving in together. And honestly I refer to your home as mine but I think we love our lofts too much to just keep one."

"Would you rather stay in mine or yours?"

"We could always choose which place to move everything in to. But if anything happens—not saying it will just hypothetically speaking if it did I should keep my place if we stay in yours and you should keep yours if you stay in mine."

"I love yours better," Estella traced over the tattoos on his arm that the white T-shirt couldn't cover. "I don't know I just feel more comfortable in it. For some reason, you have a better bed than me and you still yell at me on weekends when I sleep past three."

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