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trigger warning: brief discussion of rape

   A FEW DAYS HAD PASSED and Estella and Harry had been visiting Zayn in the hospital nonstop to see any amount of improvement. Each day was different. Some days Zayn would speak very little and then the others he wouldn't speak at all. The more they went, the less they felt relieved. Not that they could fully tell due to the hospital gown on his body, but they could see it in his cheeks that he had grown more fat and appeared less dull. It made Estella smile.

Even after Harry and Zayn's emotional conversation, Harry figured he'd be more effusive, but Zayn had still been fighting his demons and it wasn't what they hoped to see. His mental health was a serious issue that needed to be resolved in order to help him lead his life in a better direction. Zayn had dealt with so much and they wanted nothing more than to be there for him as much as they could. Estella got in contact with Zayn's mother Carmen who rushed to the hospital hurriedly from Staten Island. Zayn strictly requested for his eight-year-old sister Rena to not come with his mother. He didn't want her seeing him in the condition that he was in, he found it embarrassing enough.

Carmen had signed a few papers for Zayn's release from the hospital and although he was glad to be out, he knew he still needed to do more for himself. That being said, he willingly admitted himself into a psychiatric facility which his mother disagreed with at first but Estella convinced her it'd be best if he got as much help as he needed. Harry held Estella's hand tightly as they watched a group of nurses confiscate any items from Zayn that would pose a threat to him and others. Belts, shoe laces, hoodie strings, anything. The unit itself was frightening enough to them all. With bland white walls that sent chills pass their spines, plain marble floors, the smell of medicine and even the boring pictures of advertisements and abstract paintings. No color.

To ease everyone's paranoia, the nurses had explained the process of his admission and what would happen after they had taken his vitals and drew blood. He would be offered a personal doctor that he could speak to at-least once or twice a week to know how he's feeling and if he's developing any symptoms, partake in physical activities, recreation time, group therapy, movie time before bedtime, visiting hours, breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, quiet time, tv time, and the reasonable amount of sleep he was guaranteed in getting.

Zayn wasn't the type of person to like noise nor being around a lot of people because it made him feel uneasy, so the sound of group therapy and being around others in general annoyed him but he knew this was for his own good. He needed to open up and stop isolating himself. Zayn was allowed to wear his own clothing along with some scrubs the nurses had offered him, seating him in a wheelchair since he had a healing ankle and turning to his family for one last goodbye.

Zayn sighed in sadness at their terrified faces, playing with his fingers anxiously. "I'm going to be fine, guys. It's not like I'm in prison. After a month I'll be better, I'll be out and about and it'll all be cool. I know I need to do this for myself so please don't worry about me. You can always visit, as much as you want to or not at all if you think it'll help me more."

Carmen sobs, bending down to embrace her son with a warm hug, Zayn nestling his face in her shoulder. "I know you'll be okay, I know it honey. Just cooperate as best as you can because you're stubborn and I'll visit as much as I can. I'll bring food, even bake your favorite cookies and bring your Marvel blanke-y."

"Mom, I am twenty-five years old," Zayn groaned uncomfortably, though he couldn't help but chuckle as he witnessed Harry try to contain his laugh, Zayn raising his middle finger to him. "I'll take the cookies though."

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