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Hi baby's! So I figured I should give an explanation of why Inquisitive is taking forever to be published. If y'all didn't know, I graduated high-school in June and now I'm in college getting my associates for Culinary Arts. And I gotta say, college is killing me. It's drawing me away from remaining utterly focused on writing the ebook as much as I want to be. And it sucks because I seriously and without a doubt want to get this over with and out of my way lmfao. Like I love writing on this novel but I just want it to be over and on Amazon already.

As time goes by, I'm becoming more and more exhausted with trying to handle writing on Inquisitive and then focusing on school and work. Recently I've been struggling with finding a new job because I desperately want to get my own apartment and it's just a bunch of adult responsibilities I have to handle. My beautiful readers who have stuck with me ever since 2015 and watched this book grow and grow and my new readers who just discovered this book; I promise you I'm going to get this done. I can't promise you a date because publishing a book is a very long process.

From editing, to formatting, to getting a book cover made, etc. Its a lot really and I apologize for not having it out by November 4th (my birthday) like I said, I would, but life is eating at me. This book means the absolute world to me so for me to just toss it in the trash completely is not on my mind. So far I've re-written about 27 chapters and there's probably 20 more to go. It may sound easy but it isn't, and if y'all know me, y'all know I'm a HUGE perfectionist when it comes to what I'm putting out there for people to see. And most of the chapters I've re-written I also posted on Wattpad which I'm sure y'all have already read (hopefully).

That being said, I'm eliminating a lot of fillers from the Wattpad version and it will not at all be apart of the Amazon version mainly because I find them cringe-y and just wanted to get rid of them. I outlined the book and it looks like it may or may not have 48 chapters, around that. The hardest thing is trying not the make the chapters extra long because that means that the book will be super thick and that's not what I want. I don't need 700 pages lmfao. Unless you're the type of person that likes long books, aka Harry Potter, then be my guest. But it's not going to be that long. At least about 400-500 pages.

So yeah, just please bare with me. I have so much going on and I really am trying to get this out in the open. Maybe some time around August I wanna estimate when it'll be out but again I can't put an exact date. But to be nice, I've decided to give y'all a little sneak peak of the new names for all the characters in Inquisitive! : )

   Harry Styles is now Heath Vecellio. (He's Italian and his appearance isn't drastically different but I didn't want to keep Harry's actual look nor name because of copyright reasons.)

   Estella Perez is still Estella Perez.

   Raye Reed is now Athena Reed.

Damiun Reed is now Damian Reed. (not really a difference but I hated the "U" in his name lmfao)

David Orgia is still David Orgia.

Zayn Malik is now Zack Rivers.

Carina Styles is now Carina Vecellio.

Anne Styles is now Rosetta Santiago.

Heath's birth father is Giovanni Vecellio and his step-father is Vincent Wells.

Estella's birth father is Christopher Rivera and her step-father is Alex Perez.

Estella's mother is still Evelyn Perez and her siblings are still Elsia, Essi and Jake Perez.

And honestly that's it for now. The ebook is still in the process of being published so when I actually have a date, I'll announce it right away. I'm truly excited for you guys to see how much I put my heart and soul into my first ever book because I swear to you this book has gotten me through so many tough times and I must've rewrote it a thousand times lmfao but I'm glad to have this opportunity of sharing it with you all.

I love you all very much, thank you for being patient with me and motivating me. Talk to you soon. ♡

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