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                    PICKING UP ONE OF ESTELLAʼ PENS from her desk, Harry let's out a huge huff, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for his girlfriend to be done with her job so they could head home and rest since their day had been overly exhausting from just work itself. He lightly tapped the object against his rose colored lips as he continued on sighing like an obnoxious child just to aggravate her and even though she was listening whilst quickly typing words on her laptop, eyes flicking here and there over the screen, reading glasses on her face, slightly falling off onto her nose- she simply ignored him.

"Babe you almost done?" He had asked for like the tenth time over the last few minutes.

"If you ask me that one more time I swear." She warns him, still not taking her eyes away from the brightly lit MacBook.

"But I'm hungry." He whines as she rolls her eyes, finishing the last few sentences of the document she was rushing to get done. "Oh and you think I'm not?"

"We've been here for agesss." He drawled out, voice sounding slow but that's just how he talked.

"No one told you to come."

"But it's bring your boyfriend to work day." He smiles.

"And since when was that a real thing?"

"Dunno, just made it up." He sighed, tossing the pen in the air and catching it. He did it again, only this time it hit him in the eye. "Bloody hell!"

"Okay, now I'm done!" Estella clapped in relief, letting out a puff of air as she took off her glasses and stood up, flattening down her tan pencil skirt as she fixed her blouse and grabbed her Chanel purse, eating a piece of gum and watching her man stand up, placing the pen back into the mug she had it in and walking in front of her, smiling and kissing her cheek.

"What are you in the mood for princess?" He asked, hand grabbing her waist while the other hand traveled down her backside.

She hums. "I really want Chinese."

"You always want chinese." He rolls his eyes playfully.

"Because, you know how I feel about Chinese food. I have to have it Harry, I have to!"

He chuckles and nods, playing with his hair as he grabs her hand. "Anything for you sweety. Now let's go."

She happily obliged to his command and walks out of her office, turning off the lights and locking her door. On their way to the elevator, Harry constantly made jokes about something that her assistant had done earlier and Estella continued to slap his arm at every mean thing he said.

"Shut up Harry, it was an accident." She pushed the button on the elevator and watched the silver doors close.

"Yeah alright, if you say so." He laughs harder while holding his stomach and Estella looks at him with a blank expression, not finding anything he said funny.

"Oh come on! What- okay, fine." He stops his laughter and folds his arms while leaning back against the elevator wall, pouting like the little child he acted like here and there.

"You are so silly." She snickers while shaking her head, the elevator dinging and she grabbed his hand again and walked out. She watched the janitors mop the floors and clean up anything that would seem a bit dirty.

"Goodnight Phillip, night James!" Estella waved nicely to the men as they turned to send her genuine smiles and waves.

"Goodnight Miss Perez."

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