SHOWING COMPASSION FOR A PERSON YOU adored was probably the most extraordinary thing in the world. Being able to identify certain features of their body easily, brains having the ability to see broken hearts and making a mental note to fix it back together. Even to create certain emotions that had it going through various of questions just to find hopeless answers on what they really felt for a person. Was it a phase or did they truly feel a deep connection for that person they showed so much interest in them?

Affluent on Harryʼ hips, Estella straddled his waist, his serene warm emerald eyes glaring up at her in pure admiration as he held her sketchbook in her hand, Estella wearing nothing but a nude bra and Victoria's Secret underwear, him being able to identify each and every stretch mark or curve on her small body. The sound of her soft voice speaking to him about many stories, going on and on made him feel at peace, the white fluffy duvet slipping off her hips when she moved just a bit on top of him, Harry trying not to move so much because she was focusing on sketching his eyes.

"Keith was a handful, I'll tell you one thing. We met in elementary school, I was an 8th grader and he was in 7th at the time and we met in this after-school program my school had because my parents were too occupied with work so they couldn't exactly pick me up all the time. I would have taken the bus but my school never clarified my address so I couldn't get transpasses. Anyways," She went on to say, reaching beside her to grab the white eraser since her pencil created an unwanted smudge. "He was a really nice guy with a really deep voice which I just so happen to find attractive, you should know."

"I'm aware." He grinned, knowing she was referring to him.

"But although he was nice, funny, sexy even-He was good at manipulation. I mean very fucking good. We got each other's social media's and did all of the lovey-dovey bullshit until I found out he had a girlfriend. But get this," She lowered her book, pointing her pencil at him. "She was the girl I fought back in 5th grade on recess."

Harry dropped his mouth in shock. "No fucking way!"

"I know, right?" She made a face of disgust and it had him laughing. "We started texting, and then he broke up with her for a reason I can't remember, I don't think he ever told me. But fast-forward, he basically manipulated me into thinking that we were something, drove a knife right in my heart and acted like he didn't care. I think there's a time in every girl's life when someone great comes along and you literally feel like you love them just because they "show" you attention and make you feel something other than hate. Growing up I realized that it wasn't love-The correct definition was infatuation. I was too young to even experience love, let alone know what it was and how it not only made you feel so fucking incredible, but it also caused you unexplainable pain to the point where you don't even wanna talk about it with someone. It made you do crazy things."

"I know the fucking feeling, trust me." He muttered, swallowing a ball of mucus buildup in his throat before coughing lowly, making sure to block his mouth so he wouldn't get her sick.

"But in some way, I knew he was wrong for me. I was infatuated with the idea of being loved, of having a boy like me, of having him hug me in certain ways that made my heart thump excessively against my chest. Of how he talked to me with his deep voice that almost made me sink into the floor. Of how he told me he loved me, of how he laughed and just how we fucking communicated," Estella paused her drawing, shrugging carelessly, trying to block how she really wanted to feel. And that was hurt. "We couldn't really hang out a lot because I was young and had strict ass parents, well one. 'Cause my mom was cool with me dating. My dad was not. I graduated, then a year later he did and we went to the same high school and shit went on from there. But it's like when he came, he was a totally different person. He ignored me, we stopped hanging out, texting, calling, and even when we would see each other in the hallways he would pretend I didn't exist."

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