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   EARLY MORNING FLIGHTS HAD ALMOST been an agenda for Harry considering being an artist came with traveling throughout the world for different occasions and opportunities. Only today, he was bringing Estella with him to meet his family in Syracuse, and she on the other hand couldn't stand early morning flights. She was petrified of being on airplanes to begin with. No matter how many times she's taken them, they still scared her to death.

Harry had called his mother to let her know that he of course had a new girlfriend, which came as a surprise to his mother but she never let it be heard through her voice and if he had been standing in front of her, he would've witnessed it all. He knew his mother though, and yes, it was even a surprise for himself, but she accepted it and welcomed it with an open heart. He was still nervous even at that to introduce Estella to her. Not that he was embarrassed because he was bringing over a woman who he had only been dating for a month and a half, but because he didn't know if it had been the right timing.

Around a week ago he had blurted out the mention of meeting one another's families because it was something that had been on his mind for a while. Of course he was going bring it up eventually because it was an important aspect of their relationship. He wanted conformation from Estella and his mother. From Estella, he wanted reassurance that she was fine after everything that happened with her breakdown. It kind of bothered her that Harry had still been thinking about it, but it was going to be running through his mind no matter what because her well-being was and is the most important thing to him.

As for his mother, he wanted to show her that he was okay. That he could still explore new aspects of life and that what happened in his past didn't define him as the man he was today. A lot of shit still got to him, he will admit. The nightmares didn't stop, the possessive behavior he had, nor the fear of commitment. But he knew he had to find a way to move on and he wanted to show his family that.

Affluent on Harry's hips, Estella stared into his serene warm eyes, glaring up at her in pure admiration as she held her sketchbook in her hand, Estella wearing nothing but a nude bra and Victoria's Secret underwear, Harry being able to seek each and every stretch mark or curve on her small body. The sound of her soft voice speaking to him about many stories, going on and on made him feel at peace, the white fluffy comforter slipping off her hips when she moved just a bit on top of him, Harry trying not to move so much because she was focusing on sketching his eyes.

   Since they were on Harry's private jet, they had access to a personal bedroom onboard where they took it within themselves to get comfortable, meaning stripping half naked and taking Estella's mind off the fact that they had been thirty-thousand feet off ground. She was nearly shaking with anxiety once the jet took off and couldn't stand being by the windows, so Harry took her to the back to relax.

"There isn't much to say about Christopher. I barely know the man and he doesn't have any relation to my life except for the fact that I have some of his features and he's the reason I'm on this earth. He left my mother to nurture me on her own when I was around two or three years old. The last time I saw him was when I was seven and he unexpectedly welcomed himself back into my life during an age I had no idea how to properly comprehend everything he's done to me yet. Call it manipulation if you may because that's what it felt like." She went on to say, reaching beside her to grab the white eraser since her pencil created an unwanted smudge.

   "My Aunt had taken me to see him around that age without my mothers consent which started an entire argument when we got back. She had plenty of court dates for child support because it was either build a relationship with me or provide for me financially and not to my surprise—it was neither. I can't remember what happened but I know once I turned eighteen that was it. I know he wanted partial custody but throughout all of that he didn't make any effort into getting to know me."

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