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[contains sexual content]


                        CLICKING THE MUSIC APP ON HER cellphone, Estella placed it on the kitchen island as she moved her hips to the beat of her favorite song by the one and only, Abel Tesfaye. She opened the refrigerator to retrieve the unfrozen steaks just for her and her man whom she was waiting for to come home. It was around ten o'clock at night and she was dancing in the huge modern styled kitchen while making something to eat because one she was hungry and two she wanted to make sure Harry ate, even if she didn't know he ate or not she knew he'd be hungry. Always was.

Estella grabbed the seasonings from the pantry for the two steaks, seasoning those real quick, getting her pan ready, butter already searing on it, then placing the juicy red steaks on the platform. Her tiny, fuzzy sock covered feet padded back over to the fridge, opening the freezer and grabbing the frozen, already seasoned potatoes and closing it. She reached for another cabinet, seeking to find the can of corn and thankfully she did. She sang quietly and emotionally to herself along with the song, twisting and turning in that one spot.

I'm so wrong, I'm so wrong
(To let you in my)
To let you in my home
(Now you know where I sleep)
Now you know where I sleep
(Never felt so damn weak)

"Fuck Abel, why you do me like that?" She closed her eyes and tried not to cry by her favorite artist's song, a song that you could tell he was heart unbelievably broken in. Once she got the can of corn, she made her way over to the sink, rinsing the top of the cans off before using the automatic can opener. She grabbed a pot, turning the nob on the electric stove and letting it sit there, taking her cans and dumping the corn inside, covering it with a lid.

Her music suddenly stopped and she looked over to see that her phone was ringing and Harry' picture popping up. A picture she took when he was in his own little world, wearing reading glasses as he typed on his apple laptop, hair falling around his chiseled face. She immediately picked up her phone, a huge grin on her face as she bounced on her heels.

"Hello sugar baby!"

"Darling, glad to hear your voice sweetheart." Harry smiled on the other line, picking up his suit jacket as he turned off the lights to his office, closing and locking his door as he sighed tiredly.

"Glad to hear yours as well. You alright?" She asked, holding the phone to her ear with her shoulder as she went back to the stove, flipping her steaks over and putting the lid back over them, going to cut a few onions for them.

"Eh, day was pretty tiring but I can't wait to come home to you." He growled lowly with a smirk on his face as he bit his lip, making his way to his porsche.


That term had always taunted Estella when it came to her being in his home almost half of the time but the one thing that really questioned her was that even though they've been dating for almost four months, he still hasn't asked her to move in with him. Never brought it up because the thought came and went, but it was something that was a bit important in their relationship. She didn't really care because obviously it was a bit too early in their relationship, and also, she happened to love her house.

She let out a giggle at his sudden change in mood and shook her head, setting down the fork and picking up the black spoon, stirring her corn before adding butter and pepper to it. "Well then, hurry up and get home. Have something for you to eat."

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