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Before you begin reading this story I would like to warn you that this is an un-edited version of this book that has the last few parts missing. The complete fully edited version is available for purchase at the following links below. I hope you enjoy this book and purchase the fully complete version.  Available in Kindle Edition and Paperback  Available in other Ebook formats     Available in Paperback straight from the self publish website

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Author's Note: Heartmine Destiny began as a blurry thought in my mind, and has came a long way. The process from thought to paper wasn't easy, but it certainly was rewarding. Now that it has been finished, fully edited, and published in paperback and ebook format I can't look at it without smiling. I have to thank Wattpad for being in existence so I would have a place to post it. Many of my fans on here pushed me to finish, and I'm happy they did. So I would like to let you know a few things about this version. It is NOT fully edited, but the ebook and paperback versions are and offer a lot more! So enjoy your read through this free version of Heartmine Destiny. Below are a few links where you can purchase this book and really see its full effect. I warn you though, its a page turner that will have you emotionally attached! --This link is for the Kindle ebook addition, and paperback version. --You may also buy it in paperback straight from my publisher. --Or here if you don't own an e-reader other than kindle.


         Beyond earth, and all the wonders of the planets that surround, are millions of realms. To many a realm is the same as a planet. The creatures and intelligent life that exists are both different and the same. Many resemble humans down to the smallest hair; however, others have many visible differences. The universe is wide and the varying creatures are too numerous to count. Each realm has multiple emotions, but the one with the most power is love. Love can move mountains and is universal. Many believe that love can stop time; end wars, and heal the sick. Just like air, love is needed for life to reign.

           This story takes place on another realm. Like others, Willondove has existed for millions of years. The vast natural beauty in this land consists of deep oceans, lush green forests, and meadows full with a wide assortment of plants. Willondove is the essence of beauty. One Kingdom in Willondove remains the most prosperous and powerful. The name of that Kingdom is Heartmine.

           Similar to the other Kingdoms in the land of Willondove, Heartmine has always been a beautiful place. The people who live under the Kingdom’s rule were treated with respect no matter their status in life. Those who broke the law always received what was coming to them, but crime from the Heartmine people was hardly ever a problem. One day the existence of portals was discovered. Since that day Heartmine was forever changed. The land was still beautiful, and the civilians were still kind. However, portals introduced the Heartmine Kingdom to other realms whose people were not peaceful. Other realm dwellers tried many times to invade Heartmine. Legions of fighters were bound. The Elders of War led the Knights of Heartmine. Since then peace here had to be fought for.

         The other realm dwellers were not the only problem. Heartmine civilians started to understand portals, how they worked, and how they were created. It all started to become an issue that needed to be dealt with. New laws were forced to be made by the King and Queen. Only special people, called Portalists, were allowed to make portals and travel therein. No others were permitted legally. This caused the people to begin breaking the law, because they chose to follow their curiosity. When a portal is created and someone goes through that portal it is cause for danger. Things can go wrong in the making of it, and the one entering the wrongfully made portal could end in any realm with no knowledge of where they went. It was all still mysterious to many people, and much more study was needed.

          One day years ago something such as this occurred. Antony, the oldest son of King Earlton, had been arranged to marry at a young age. It was his royal duty to continue the crown. Possible heirs had their mates chosen wisely, but marriages arranged at older ages were cause for disaster. Many wished to rebel against their crown for love. So, a decision was made to have arranged couples grow up together as friends. The love would have time to flourish when the moment came to marry. Renedy was who Antony was to marry, and their friendship was closer than many. One was never without the other, and ultimately they would have been a great match into matrimony until fate stepped in.

          A favored spot to spend afternoons for the two friends was under a small waterfall and the path that led to it. Many days they spent running to and fro on the old path. The afternoon was calm and peaceful. Renedy ran across the dirt path with Antony following. Echoes of laughter were heard coming from the happy 15 year olds. Antony came to a halt when he saw the portal rippling in the air. Renedy had not noticed, and as a result the portal took her in. Later that night many were sent to search for the two teenagers. It took hours to find Antony in the dark forest. When morning came a man named Alfonte, who worked in the castle, found him lying under a large willow tree. He was fast asleep. Later the truth was found, and the Kingdom wept for the girl who was to one day be married to the prince. The King explained her being missing to everyone. The portalists shrugged the incident off as a freak accident, but Antony knew that she fell into a wrongly made portal because someone wanted it that way. Nobody knew who broke the portal law or why. Renedy had been pronounced gone without anyone to punish for their wrongdoing.

          Ten years later, Antony was a man and the thought of Renedy still haunted him. Every time he rode his horse along the path, or when someone mentioned her name, it stung his soul. Life had never been the same for him. He had not felt the feelings of love since she left, and with the possibility of an upcoming war, his life would be changed forever!

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