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THE MOMENT WAS SOFT, QUIET WIND gusting through the open double windows with sheer curtains as they indulged in the peaceful sound of trees swooning and birds singing. Light but calm sunshine had skimmed across her skin with slight warmth, making her keen in delight from how peaceful their day had been so far. Both of their bodies lied on the cloud white carpet, pillows supporting their heads as they stared up at the ceiling, fresh round peaches in their hands as they bit into them in sync, Harry' left arm locked around Estella' neck as his rough fingertips skimmed across her shoulder slowly.

They had been in this position for about 3 hours now, eating fruit, exchanging glances and talking nonsense whilst sipping on mango Arizona, which they had poured straight into wine glasses to make the moment seem more fancy and aesthetic. This moment by far had been her favorite, mainly because there was such a sense of calm and nakedness to it that made her feel like she could speak her mind about anything, be anyone she wanted to be. And Harry didn't care not once. He loved this side of her, even loved how open she was to him now that they've talked about their problems and continued to make progress.

It was all he ever wanted. All they needed.

"What's your favorite scenery?" She asked him, Harry staring at her, a little uptight at the fact that she suddenly had rolled a blunt and was smoking like nothing mattered. He never seemed to question her on how much she smoked, because he himself did as well, but he's noticed that she did it way more often than she used too and it was beginning to question him. He watched the smoke flow from her mouth and evaporate in the air, Estella looking at him for a brief moment, ignoring the look he gave her.

She reminded him so much of her.

"Um, I would say- winter mountains."


"I don't know, I think I just really admire the sight. I like the idea of having peace, and with mountains, you feel like you're above the world and could do anything. Scream out problems, just have the ultimate silence to yourself and the only thing you hear, or feel, is the breeze." He interprets, an eminent smile on his face and she couldn't help but brush her hand across his jaw, making her way to his hair and massaging his scalp.

"That's so beautiful."

"Yeah," He quietly chuckled, gaze dropping to the floor. "What about you? What's your favorite scenery?"

"If being honest, the jungle," She states. "I don't know, it's just the idea of it brings me a sense of enjoyment. Forget the exotic and dangerous animals, I only admire the feeling, even if I've never been there once. I often dream about it, how I'm just lying on the freshly watered grass while staring up at the blue sky with all the pretty clouds. The sound of the crickets and any other animal just brings me peace. And like you said, I like the idea of having peace. I've always been a forest girl, and always had dreams about it since I was a little Star."

He laughed at that, that beautiful, majestic gleam still on her face. "Oh, and the waterfalls, man I love waterfalls. Sometimes I cry at how beautiful something is without it even trying to impress me whatsoever. It's just, the thought of it just being there, and having to be able to look at it and feel a certain emotion just makes me emotional in general."

She paused for a second or so, cheeks sucking inward before puffing out clouds of vapor, closing her eyes as Harry sat behind her and pulled her to his chest, both looking forward as he wrapped his hands around her, Estella getting the chance to run her small fingers over his buff arms.

"When I was little, right," This big smile came on her face. "Every time I would go shopping with my mom, she would buy the giant gallon of Deer Park water, and for some reason I always loved the picture on it. Of the waterfall and trees behind the deer. I always told my mom could I rip the picture off and one time she asked me why and I was just like 'it reminds me of home.' I don't know why I said that, but maybe to me, the forest was my home, and I was just a little pretty girl who wanted to go on an adventure and claim it as my kingdom. I remember gluing every picture from every bottle right on my adventure journal for safe keeping. My dad was like '¿Porqué haces eso, Star?' and I always told him 'It makes me feel safe.' As a young girl, you dream of having so many big things, but I wasn't like everyone else, I only wanted to be alone, and literally own the jungle and be a jungle queen."

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