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Or, it could be the fact that they didn't necessarily feel like they held a purpose in their relationship anymore. Women could easily get bored, and when their spouse isn't showing as much affection as they did in the beginning of their relationship, or isn't showing more than she is-It's an automatic turn off. Which leads to her finding someone else who she'll feel like treats her entirely better and actually shows her attention and affection.

It wasn't right, it didn't make sense. And Zayn did that to her.

So she picked up that phone, dialed his number once again, and called him. And now here she was, beyond fucking nervous and unable to describe in words how fast her heart slammed against her ribcage as she sat inside her car, safely and legally parked on the side of the street, observing his every move, her legs unable to make moves in leaping out of her car. All she saw was his backside, Zayn sitting at a single table, only a glass of orange juice in front of him, though all he did was focus on staring at his phone, waiting for her to text or call to state her arrival, but nothing came.

At one point he wanted to stand up and leave, feeling like a complete embarrassment because he didn't know if this had been a good or bad idea. Estella cleared her throat, and grabbed the handle of her door before opening it and stepping out, preparing herself as she took yet another deep breath and locked her car, the sun hitting her skin with a warm tingle and the breeze of fresh air giving her something soothing to inhale. Sauntering toward him had been the highest heart palpitation of them all. She hadn't seen this man in years, and just the mere thought of being alone with him again made her shiver in anxiousness.

She wanted to turn around, getting immediate whiplash when her body had been stood only a few inches from his own, clutching her purse between the tips of her fingers as she closed her eyes, trying so hard not to break down before she actually stood in front of him. And in that moment, he tilted his head up to see the one woman he had been praying to see again for such a long time, including a minute ago. He flashed a generous smile her way, a mixture of relief with it, Estella being hit with his familiar scent that always had her skull pounding and eyes rolling heavenly.

She took in his appearance, and he looked no different than he did three years ago. His hair may have been cut, now just black with gray dyed tips. He wore a plain black tee and gray jeans that had rips at the knees, and expensive looking shoes. She didn't want to admit it but after all this time of not seeing him, he still intimated her. He was good looking, she will admit, but he was also good at lying to her.

            She noticed he had gotten more tattoos than she was normally used to seeing, the nose piercing being clear as day to her and she realized how much she didn't bother to acknowledge his appearance that day he ran into her and Harry. Regret flowing in his stomach once she thought of Harry, getting a weary feeling that he was going to be angry later for not telling her she was meeting up with Zayn.

"Hi." Zayn spoke and Estella' body went stiff at how deeper his voice had gotten, thick and attractive. "I'm glad you made it."

"Yeah, how are you?"

"Good, yeah. You?"


He watched Estella play with her nails, knowing she didn't feel great about this, not at all. She didn't even want to confront Zayn on his bullshit anymore, this whole situation was too complicated for her to actually induce. In some way, she knew it was right to do what she was provoking herself to do in the first place. She needed to know as much as possible so she could remove that dark logic of him on the side of her brain and continue her relationship with Harry, peacefully. She needed to know why he suddenly had this tendency to cheat and disappear out of the blue without giving her a single message.

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