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                    SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO expect today. She feared the worst would happen as she drove down that road to see a man she desperately needed to have a conversation with. One that required the mention of adultery. There was almost this paranoia she had dangling above her head that she got constantly as she made her way to Zayn, regretting not informing Harry on where she had been going this morning. Harry had been enormously tired last night when they came back from the gala, deciding to kick rocks at her place and fall asleep as soon as his face hit the plush fabric of her duvet. She didn't mind it since they did come home late and drunk, weakly smiling at him as she listened to him snore.

And that night, right before she had prepared herself for bed, she went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of red wine and sat on her couch for almost an hour with the TV turned low and a series of late night adult cartoons playing almost in a loop. It seemed like that as her brain spun around with millions of thoughts. Her phone had been in her hand, repeatedly blinking at her screen as she contemplated over and over again on calling Zayn. His stupid fucking business card in her other hand once she sat down her glass of wine, noticing he changed his number. It bothered her deeply.

Not that he changed his number, but because she couldn't make a simple decision, afraid of it being a good or bad one. Not wanting to face the outcome of it all. But then she processed the thought of why she needed to call him in the first place. She craved answers. It itched at her skin like bugs digging into dirt and it ticked her off. She wanted to gather as much detail as possible from what happened between them, even if she didn't want to recollect the memory-It was the only way she could move on. Thumb tracing over the dial pad constantly, she typed, deleted, and retyped his number. Shutting her phone off and frustratingly pushing her hair away from her face, fingers pressing against her temples as she sighed heavily.

"C'mon Star, just fucking do it. You know him, alright? He's not some random stranger. He was your ex-husband," She paused. "Was," She scoffed, chuckling and shaking her head. "Unbelievable."

She picked up her phone again, furiously typing in her password before putting his number back into the keypad and pressing call, setting the phone to her ear and listening to it ring, her heart thrashing anxiously against her chest, her anxiety getting to her before she quickly hung it up, groaning to herself.

"You have to talk to him!" She angrily snapped at herself. "If it's not now then it'll be never, and you need to understand why he actually-Cheated on you." She cringed at the word 'cheated' because it's something that she could never understand fully.

She'll never understand how someone could cheat on their significant other if they claimed they loved them. There's always a reason for someone to cheat. For men, it could be the fact that they weren't feeling as sexually satisfied as much as they used to be with the woman or man they were with. The same positions, the same words, the same touches-Could just seem pointless now, and they no longer had the ability to feel like they could say something. Because if they said something, it could hurt the person they were with, and even though they felt like they loved them, they wouldn't want to do anything to hurt them. They were scared of going through that, so, they cheated. Then they claim it was a "mistake."

Cheating does not classify itself as a mistake. The person who went out of their way, found someone else, touched someone else, kissed, fucked-They made the decision that let that happen. There's no fucking excuse, whatsoever. As for a woman cheating, they experience more hate than men do for when they cheat. Both sides are wrong for what they did either way. There's no reason why the male population should shame women for cheating when they do it more often than the female population. Women could cheat for many reasons. One could be the same for men, the sexual interaction between one another.

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