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   "Mommy, mommy, mommy!"

   ESTELLA AND HARRY TIREDLY OPENED their eyes, lying side by side as they stared at the popcorn ceiling in their bedroom, groaning obnoxiously to themselves as they listened to the two little girls practically screech in their ears. Climbing on the bed, they both opened their eyes, looking at the two little girls who made their way in front of their parents, coming in between their mother and father to gain their appreciated attention.

    Harry had groaned, shoving his face into the pillow and rolling onto his front, trying to block out their obnoxious screaming.

    "Daddy, daddy, daddy!"

    "Odessa, Odessa, Odessa!" Estella had mocked.

    "Leoni, Leoni, Leoni!" Harry mocked as well.

    "Tah not funny." Odessa blinks, crossing her short arms over her chest, raising her eyebrow.

    Estella sat up slowly, looking at her with that same expression because she was wondering where exactly did she get that sass from.

    "Well young lady, since when did you get so sassy?" Harry laughs, turning back on his side, stretching and staring at the two beautiful girls sitting on the king-sized mattress, beautifully fitted with a silver satin duvet.

    "Dunno," Odessa mumbled. "But I'm hungry."

    "Me too, me too!" Leoni raises her hand, profusely shaking it in the air. Her pacifier was in her mouth, her other hand stroking her long brown hair that was now shoulder length.

    Five years with these girls have meant everything to them. For the past five years, they've done nothing but become a stronger, closer family. Everything was going how it should be, everyone was happy, and everyone was healthy. The other day they all went out to have a picnic. Odessa and Leoni were growing quickly on them. It kind of made Estella sad but also happy to see them grow. Even if Leoni was five, she never gave up the habit of keeping her pacifier in her mouth. Odessa was more mature, and Harry always talked about how she got her slight behavior from her mother.

    He was right about that.

    "What do you want for breakfast then?" Harry asked. They both looked at each other, just staring as if they were asking one another something in their minds. And even after years, they still did that.

    "Panycakes!" They shouted, saying the word wrong but it still sounded cute. Estella smiled at their excitement, soon gazing over at the clock on the wall only to see it was twelve in the afternoon. She immediately turned her head back to them, eyebrows slightly furrowed.

    "Girls, did you guys just wake up?"

    "Yes mommy," They answered, yet again, at the same time. "Wokey up, then came in here. Was hungry."

    Estella then looked at Harry. "They slept too long, as much as we did."

    "Soo, people are tired." Harry shrugged before getting up, running his hand through his hair and walking into the bathroom. Estella rolled her eyes because he never understood that babies bodies are completely different from an adult's body. They don't need to sleep that long, especially at the age of five.

    "Dora, missing it. Hurry mommy!" Odessa announces, climbing off the bed and running out of the room while Leoni followed her sister down the hall. Estella shakes her head at the bright little girls, smiling as she got up to go to the bathroom, spotting her husband urinating into the toilet, his eyes closed as he focused on aiming.

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