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SILK SATIN WITH A DIAMOND CHOKER beautifully adorned on her milky brown skin, many wandering eyes leeched onto her appearance with fascination and attraction, along with the gorgeous man standing beside her as her date. Camera's were flashing in their direction, which was what they wanted most importantly, very impressed by how attentive the crowd had been to seeing them together. Both of their smiles were bright on their faces, smiling wider when their names had been constantly shouted from tons of people who were blocked off from entering the red carpet. Considering the fact that other celebrities had been here, Estella and Harry cared none, only focusing on each other and the alluring appreciation from fans, or paparazzi.

They were both so stunning, Harry feeling incredibly proud that he didn't have to hide from anyone anymore, proud that he got to guide this beautiful woman across the carpet with their arms interlocked meant a lot to him. The stunningly long dress Estella had been wearing caused many eyes to gleam in pure admiration. The glamorous bejewelled dress brung out her style more to people's minds. This piece which was flirtatious and sexy, with it's luxurious jewel-like appearance and timeless, refined v-neck cut, literally made her feel like a princess. It's fabric was mesh-like, bodice lined with a fitted bodysuit, texture, a silk satin. Silver strapped heels had been on her feet, though it could barley become spotted, due to how lovingly long the dress was, it made her more able to have easy access in kissing Harry on his cheek.

Speaking of Harry, who was her guidance for the night, as well as appreciated date, and let's not forget boyfriend, had been standing beside her, arm out so she could keep her hand locked on it for safety. His crisp gray suit had definitely caused a view glances toward his way as well, with perfectly pressed pants and blazer, and underneath that had been a fresh, cloud white dress shirt with, and as usual, three buttons undone. He wore no tie, instead, wore his original platinum cross necklace that had been swaying whenever he walked. Dark boots were on his feet, a little silver buckle on it. His hair was in it's usual unruly curls, curling around his ears and flowing around his face in perfect soft, chocolate ringlets.

To be honest, the night went smooth. Estella got the chance to talk with many fashion designers who owned the biggest brands, even talked to a few movie stars and music artists for not only excitement but personal inspiration. It was definitely exciting for Harry because this was completely new to him, to walk with someone on the red carpet, to even attend gatherings like this. It was all so new, and he loved new things. Estella has helped him open up more, to be more than just a person in the shadows, but to come out and be noticed, be happy. Let yourself know what it feels like to be filled with passion and to drop all responsibilities for one second and live.

Estella and Harry walked hand in hand around the magnificent art room, the gala this year seeming much more appealing to them both. The other hand had been holding a glass of expensive champagne as they observed not only paintings but sculptures, not only photography but beautiful masterpieces of modern designs. This art had been somewhat similar to the art they've observed before back in Paris, though some of it had differentiated in a particular way that made it valuable to admire. Harry pointed out a funny robotic type sculpture and said something about how it reminded him of the Robin Williams movie when he was playing the role of a robot.

Estella had sneakily slapped the back of his head for being rude about someone else's work, though laughed to herself on the low. "That's not funny."

"But your laughing too, so it has to be."

"I'm laughing because you're retarded."

"Ouch, that hurt." He pouts, rubbing his chest. Estella rolled her eyes at him, Harry running the pad of his thumb over her knuckles as he thought of something quickly before pulling her with him. Estella was confused for a second, wondering why he had been dragging her away from the art when she wanted to see more of it.

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