Chapter Tweleve- Rarity Falls | Equestria Girls | { MLP }

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If you you ever feel depressed in life, remember you have friends that can help you.
Don't ever let yourself handle it unless you know you can.

I sat there feeling slightly dizzy. I knew I was yet again, drunk off the bitter sweet wine. But I still sipped it, gulped it down even until it was gone. I got up and slammed my door shut, knowing I shouldn't go out there. Why did I do this. To feel better? No, I felt worse. I laughed randomly as I jumped on my bed, feeling sick.

** Fluttershy's POV **

My stomach twisted as I approached my mom. She was making dinner for tonight, and I didn't want to disturb her.

"So mom." I was already freaking out. I couldn't ask her if we could stay, I was just to... Weak.

"Yes honey?" She smiled at me. Her smile gave me courage.

"I know this job means a lot to you, but I can't move. I'm sorry. I have friends here! Friends I certainly do not want to leave behind. Moving to Cloudsdale will.." I got interrupted by my mom, who was laughing really hard. She handed me a plate while laughing her head off.

"We aren't going to move to Cloudsdale, sweetheart." She stopped laughing and put a smile on her face. A smile lit across my face as well.

"But I thought you said we were!" My mom shook her head laughing some more.

"We're only going down there for a week so we can see your brother, Angel's new job. He hasn't told you about it yet?" My eyes filled with joy as I shook my head no. I ran to my room grabbing my phone, calling all my friends to tell them the news..

** Pinkie Pie's POV **

I walked up her drive way, hesitating.

'Should I knock on the door and ask for her?' My thoughts bounced like balls through my head. Her mom had seen me walking back and forth and told me to come in.

"I'll get her," Her mom told me. When she went to get her, I sighed. How was I going to tell her, and not hurt her feelings. All the sudden, Rarity walked into the room. I smiled at her, putting my hands together.

"Pinkie Pie!" Rarity greeted me with a hug. She sat across from me at the table; Her face turned into sudden confusion.

"Are you okay?" Rarity asked me. All though, Rarity seemed a little... Woozy. She acted clumsy, but at the same time she was acting normal. I had to to tell her, but I was to weak. So I changed the subject.

"Did you hear Fluttershy's news?" I asked. She looked mad and shook her head.

"If she didn't tell me, I must not be important." She said harshly.

"I don't think that's the.." Rarity cut me off.

"Pinkie Pie.." She sighed and looked into my eyes. It was silent for a moment.

"Yes?" I pushed my hair out of my face.

"I'm not really... I... Don't want to talk right now." She left the room leaving me there.
Crud. I didn't get to say the bad news.

** Rarity's POV **

I walked down the hallways, feeling sick to my stomach. It was the kind of day where cramps approached me all day long. I kept my head down, thinking about my sisters sickness. I was even shedding some tears. While walking to my locker, Spike came to me. He smiled and said in a hush..

"What's wrong?" I looked at him like he was crazy. We only knew each other for... What...? A day.

"Nothing." I say wiping my tears away, trying to act as if I were strong. His smile faded away.

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