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(Fay's POV)

The summer vacation passed in a blur. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast. No school for a whole 2 and a half months? Who wouldn't be physiced? But you know, each week I'd feel like I was missing something, something important. A part of myself that I hadn't realized had become part of me until now. Until it was gone.


I guess the saying is true, you know that saying that goes like this: "you never know what you lost until you lose it" or something like that, whatever, you know what I mean. I missed that little snot, more than I was willing to admit. Sure I'd get calls now and than but they were never long. It was always "Hi, how are ya, how's everything? ok, good-bye."


I suddenly know how a neglected wife felt like. Than his calls stopped five weeks after he left for Europe. I've tried calling him but no one would ever answer. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't connect with him at all so in the end I gave up trying.

I felt stupid, worrying about him like a mother hen. I'd tell myself to stop, Austen was a big boy, he could take care of himself. Besides his grandparents were there with him...than I'd visualize him tripping over nothing and pumbling down several flights of stairs, bring his grandparents along for the ride.

Moi? Paranoid?


But that was all over now because he was finally coming home. I was happy and pissed at the same time. Happy because he was coming home yet pissed off because he hadn't called and dared to show up two weeks after school started. I had to start two weeks of Senior year without him. Since the 3rd grade we've always started school together, It was almost a tradition!

We had promised ourselves that we'd bear the embarrassement of our mothers coming to school with us on the first day together. Yeah, that's right, our crazy mothers would drive us to school, bawling about how their "babies" were growing up. I swear they did that every year since Austen and I have known each other. Than they'd make us take pictures with them in front of the school, for the whole student and teacher population to see.

Yes, it was humiliating.

But this year I had to bear it all on my own because that little jackass didn't show up. Oh yeah, I'll give him a welcoming he'd never forget. That jerk will be welcomed with a smack to the face when I see him.

I was at the airport already, waiting for his plane to land. Like most airports this one was crowded and loud, filled with bustling people coming in and out of planes. Don't tell anyone but I have a serious fear of heights so there was no way in hell that I'd ever go on a plane. I was getting antsy just standing there like an idiot, watching the planes take off from the glass windows. Where the hell was Austen?

I glanced up at the flight schedule board and frowned. Austen's plane had landed ten minutes ago, so where the hell was he? That pig had better not have snuck off to the cafeteria and left me to stand here like a fool. His mother had told him I'd be here.

"Vals?" I heard someone say behind me. I turned my head to look and saw no one familiar so I turned back around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Austen in the crowd. God he was such a shortie, it was going to be tough to look for him.

"Vals," I heard the same person say again. I looked back and my frowned deepened. Was someone calling me or another Vals? Well my name was Fay but Austen always called me Vals, a nickname from my last name, Valentine. He was the only one who ever called me that but I didn't see him. What I did see was an extremely good looking young guy, maybe around my age. He looked oddly familiar but I was sure I didn't know him. He must be calling for another Vals.

Shrugging, I began my seach for Austen again. When I get my hands on him I was going to wring his little neck.

"Fayonette Galloria Valentine."

I froze.

No one, NO ONE but my family knew my whole name. No one else except Austen, even annoying Angela, my ex friend didn't know it. I hated my full name so I'd avoid telling it to people. It made me sound like a gangsters daughter. People were half afraid of me as it is.

I turned around and almost bumped into that good looking guy I saw earlier. He grabbed my shoulders and steadied me, smiling. I frowned. I knew that smile...

"Vals, its me."

I blinked. "Me who?"

The guy laughed. It was a nice laugh, deep, invitingly warm. Unfamiliar.

"It's me silly," he grinned, "Austen."

Than I heard the Twilight Zone theme song ringing in my head. Do-do-do-Do-do-do-do-Do


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