"My affair"

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You are one of Justin's backup dancers you have known Justin for awhile and always have thought he was sexy even though he goes out with famous Selena Gomez (in the story he does)

You have always been one of his dancers for his tours and stuff you were now work the believe one your name is Cameron and your attracted to your boss more than you should be

You where at rehearsal practicing some new moves they where planning you couldn't help but stare at Justin with his tank top and gray sweats he looked hot in anything and you had to let him no that "ok guys well rehearsals are done for today see you in 2 days" Justin said I grabbed my bag and headed for the exit when I heard a voice call me "Cameron hey wait up" it was Justin u stopped and turned around to see him speaking so I'm bored and I'm not going to do anything so want to come to my house to hang out for awhile he said with hopeful eyes yea sure you replied walking out

*at Justin's house*

U got out and walked in his house you needed his affection and love even if it meant being a total slut or having an affair he shut the door and turned around to be drowned with you kiss you let go and spoke sorry Justin I don't know what came over me you said looking down at the floor he lifted your face and pulled you close who said I didn't like it he then pressed his lips on you carrying you upstairs not braking the kiss he threw you on the bed then locked the door he slid off his shirt and you did the same he then took of your pants and u took off his u ripped off his underwear and he did the same to your bra and panties tossing them to the floor

He then Jumped on top if you and started kissing you he then moved his lips down to your neck and waist while rubbing your boobs he kissed it and then started kissing down your belly again you felt his tounge lick your clit making you wet he licked you clean and plunged two fingers into you making you tug oh his hair he then took his fingers out and u flipped him over and now you where on top u gave him a handjob and licked around it then rode him up and down you threw your head back in pleasure he then flipped you around and plunged jerry into you at a steady pace he deepened it within seconds going faster u felt a liquid shoot out from both him and you him after you guys were done you got dressed and he took you home thanks for today I've always had an ate for you he said kissing your neck yea me too hope we can do this again you said kissing his neck oh don't hope because it will happen again u smiled then left the car walking to your door

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