Tom Parker Imagine

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#imagine you're at the beach on holiday to Ibiza with your best friends. You can feel the sun warming your skin and you can hear the faint sounds of the waves rolling in. You were lying on a towel on the sand with your best friends beside you doing the exact same thing. You have your sunglasses on and you're currently sunbathing.

Just then, the warm glow on your skin vanishes and you now feel a shadow looming over you. You suspect its one of your friends trying to mess around with you so you take your sunglasses off to see Tom hovering above you.  His hair was slightly damp, you could tell he had been splashing in the sea.

He smiles at you and says "Hello there" in his deep Bolton accent. You swoon as he looks directly in your eyes. You smile and get up as lady like as you can while Tom was right in front of you. He then asked you if you would like to take a walk with him around the beach and you say yes timidly. You couldn't believe it was really Tom. You loved him and The Wanted more than absolutely anything. It just didn't seem real to you at all!

As you're walking across the sand with Tom, he starts to ask you the basic questions: your name, age, where you're from, etc. As the conversation gets deeper, you realise you have a lot in common. You also found out stuff about Tom that you didn't know before. 

His hand grazes yours a couple of times, but then he just went for it and softly grabbed your hand, as he entwined his fingers with yours. You smile and look up into Tom's face, who was, as you suspected, smiling like crazy. 

You two then got back to where your best friends were waiting, but Tom still held onto your hand. He cleared his throat and asked you, in front of all your mates, if you would like to meet him for dinner later that night to a retaurant just outside his villa. You agree quickly and he smiles. He leans down to kiss you on the cheek, then gives you his number. He then leaves, constantly turning back to blow you kisses. You giggle and blow kisses back to him.

You then realise that he's walking back to the other TW lads, who were hiding behind the palm trees. Tom then got jumped on by the boys and you could hear them shouting "Get in there, TomTom!" You burst out laughing and they hear you. They turn to look in your direction and they wave like crazy to you. It was the best day ever.. :-)

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